Friday, February 29, 2008

Lancome Happy Hour - Not So Happy With A Twist



Any of you who tried to take advantage of the Lancome Happy Hour promo (see post below) will know exactly what I mean with that oh so frustrated sigh above. My goodness! I began trying to place my order for the promo at 1 pm CST and at 3:53 pm the order was still not placed. The website was taking in excess of 1/2 hour to load each page. Then, as if to say, "Gotcha", the site promptly deleted an item from my basket right before I was ready to checkout. And it was my Pixel Pink lippie - nooooooooooooooooooooo!

Now, the story ends on a happy note, and so I eagerly wanted to share how I worked this out. Despite that the promo was ending at 4 pm CST and I only had seven minutes left to try and complete my order, I opted for another stab at this. I called them!

The sweet Lancome Customer Service Representative couldn't have been more accomodating (Hi, Gina, thank you sooooo much ... xo). After briefly stating, "I've been trying to take advantage of the HAPPYHOUR promo for darn near 3 hours", she sweetly interrupted me. Her words couldn't have been more pleasant to my ears, "Don't worry, I'm going to honor the promo for you". That was all it took. No tirade, no fit, no figurative throwing up of the arms was necessary. Not only did I STILL get to order my Pixel Pink (yeaaaaaaa) but I grabbed a Kristopher Cane Juicy Tube in a shade that was showing as sold out on the website. Whew ...... now I know to CALL next time something like this happens with website promos.

Were you successful in grabbing this whopper of a deal?

Lancome Happy Hour

Why not snag up a couple of the new Christopher Kane Juicy Tubes (at $18 a pop), or the ever popular High Definicils Mascara ($23) with a Color Fever Shine lippie ($25).

Juicy Tubes World Tour - GlossHIGH DÉFINICILS - High Definition Lash by Lash Precision Length MascaraCOLOR FEVER SHINE - Sensual Sheer Color. Vibrant Lipshine

It's only while supplies last, and only for a very short window of time today, well, it IS Happy Hour ... :o ) Good luck getting through as the website is awfully busy!!!


Thursday, February 28, 2008

MAC + Ungaro Beauty Collaboration


Esteban Cortazar's first collection for the Emanuel Ungaro fashion house has sparked some additional interests it seems. MU Artist Sharon Dowsett took Cortazar's lead by transforming his imagery of ORGANIC and PEBBLE to create the beauty for the show yesterday. And to "fete" Cortazar's debut Ungaro collection, WWD is reporting that MAC will launch a limited edition, co-branded makeup line this October. Guess Lancome isn't the only beauty corp coupling with the fashion world and the catwalk (think: Thakoon Pixel Pink and Som's P.S. Kiss lipsticks) ... Woooohooooo!

REVIEW: SeSDERMA: Azelac Gel Gets the Red Out

SeSDERMA began as a European company focused on providing dermatologists with innovative, effective products to treat skin diseases, hair and nails, having been one of the first to develop products with glycolic acid. Today SeSDERMA offers these products to the general public as well. There are over 150 products through their development. I've found SeSDERMA products to be some of the most effective in skincare, and I'd like to tell you about one in particular today.

Azelac Moisturizing Gel

As I've grown older, I've developed a redness just under my neck on the decollete - not pretty. At certain times of the month, I've also noticed what looks like little pimples forming. Uggggh! I've tried various creams and treatments to try and clear it up, but to no avail. Then I found Azelac Gel.

This light, hydrating gel, with its pinkish iridescence, has given me hope. Not only do I use the gel to treat the redness on my decollete, but it's also wonderful in ridding the hairline of dry patches and redness as well as the cheeks. Typically, I'll apply the gel to the affected area and within a day or two it's visibly less noticeable or gone altogether. At $62 (USD) a 50ml bottle, it is a tad pricey, but a little goes a long way and it's well worth it for its effectiveness.

What does SeSDERMA say about the gel's properties? The gel reduces skin redness and improves its appearance due to its content in azeloglycine, Silybum marianum, phytosphingosine and vitamin E. Possesses smoothening and antioxidant action.

Azelac and other SeSDERMA products may be purchased directly from SeSDERMA, Fleur de Peau Skincare, Skin Elements,, and other retailers. I'd encourage you to check out the gel and other products for anti-aging, stretch marks, pigmentation, general skincare needs and much more.

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

DIOR Fall 2008 RTW - Paris

MU Artist Pat McGrath's creative genius strikes again. Look at these mod beauty moments from the Christian Dior Fall 2008 RTW catwalk in Paris. John Galliano, designer, says of the theme of this collection, "optimism and opulence of the sixties" - indeed. One journalist dubbed it "Mrs. Robinson meets Valley of the Dolls"; take your pick.


BeneFit Erase Paste

NEW! BeneFit has introduced their camouflage product said to assist faces suffering from stress and fatigue. Oh really? How cool. This is a concentrated, creamy, blendable concealer, which brightens and hides imperfections in one fell swoop. Three shades are available, the jar is $26.
For more info and for purchasing: benefit


Gift With Purchase Event

GET GIFTED This exclusive terry case filled with goodies is yours with any cosmetic or fragrance purchase of $100. Include three travel-size containers, a travel toothbrush, a terry headband, plus deluxe samples of Annick Goutal Petite Cherie fragrance, our exclusive Chloé fragrance, Clinique High Impact Mascara, Estee Lauder Ultimate Youth Creme, Laura Mercier Lip Plumper, one of: Fekkai Glossing Cream, Technician Mask or Technician Shampoo. Contents of case may vary. Please let us choose color of case. Use code AGELESS at checkout.
For more info on this promo, go to
click image to enlarge

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

ORIGINS ORGANICS: Sweepstakes + Products

Have you tried any of these fabulous products by Origins Organics? Yummy, good-for-you products to soothe your skin and nourish your soul.

I've also enjoyed Origins! Among some of my favorites has been their Night-A-Mins and A Perfect World line of skincare. Of this line, I've been able to try their Foaming Face Wash, which I have to say is divine. Tis a blend of organics of aloe leaf, clove, rose, lavender, patchouli and red thyme essential oils and oils of jojoba seed, olive and coconut. The result is a refreshing, cooling effect lightyly hydrating the skin.

Origins Organics is now running a fab sweepstakes - here's the scoop:
Win an Eco-Chic Trip and an Organic Prize Package

click to enlarge photo and details

For more information about Origins Organics products and to enter the sweepstakes, visit Origins Organics website by clicking here. Good luck!

MAC REMINDER: Beauty Powder Collection

MAC Cosmetics Beauty Powder Blush

I'm hearing mixed things on the actual release date of these powders, some say March 7th others report the 13th. In any event, they're getting stellar reviews by those who have had the good fortune to try them early. You can check out the link below at Spektra for more info. Will you be one who goes ga-ga over them?

photo: spektra by tinkerbelle

Monday, February 25, 2008

Academy Awards 2008

And the Oscar goes to ....

Did you have fun watching the 80th Academy Awards? I may be in the minority here, but I have to admit to being big time disappointed! The presenters were fab, no issues with who received awards, and some of the performances were wonderful, BUT ... John Stewart - no more please! Come on, really, surely this isn't the BEST we can do. Additionally, the team that organized the event's production, make some notes. Here is what I noticed, and I doubt I'm alone:

  • More than one recipient for an award? Well, you were outta luck in thanking folks unless you happened to be the one who spoke up first; so, so, so rude not to let more than one person speak before interrupting with the dreaded music prompting, ridiculous even

  • Presenters kept slipping when approaching the podium on the left hand side of the screen, even after being warned about it by Colin Farrell - are you people idiots? Good thing one of the pregnant presenters didn't slip - would have been REALLY bad

  • Whole show just seemed to be in disarray; who's doing what when, where, huh?

  • Overall, the show was just plain old FLAT!

What saved the show? The eloquence and professionalism of most of the award recipients, presenters, and true stars. I'm not gonna do a huge write up about each stars' beauty, dress, makeup, etc as many of my beauty blogging loves have already done such a fabulous job of giving you the best in scoop.

Beauty Bloggin' on the Oscars
p.s. My faves of the night were: 1) Marion Cotillard, 2) Jennifer Garner, and 3) Nicole Kidman
photos: WWD,

Friday, February 22, 2008

Lipstick Jungle Fever

Anyone else feeling the Lipstick Jungle fever?

I am. With each new episode I sense the looming addiction kicking in. Now, let me 'fess up that although I enjoyed the occasional Sex in the City episode, another Candace Bushnell creation, while in its heyday, I was never really what I consider to be a die-hard fan. I didn't HAVE TO watch it each week. This may be a different experience for me, though. I'm liking these characters more, they seem a bit more, dare I say it, mature! Well, come on ladies (and gents), it's true. There's Wendy Healy, played by Brook Shields, who not only balances a prestigious career, but so far seems to adore her husband and children - a family woman? Don't remember that kind in SITC. Magazine big-wig Nico Reilly, played by Kim Raver, who has a bit of "Samantha" in her, but not nearly as irritating, overcoming complex challenges with each new episode. Last, but certainly not least, there's Victory Ford, played by gorgeous Lindsay Price, the "single" one of the crew, but also daringly ambitious as the hot one minute, not the next fashion designer. Through her we're treated to fanciful dating escapades (this week, she jetted to Paris for a surprise visit of Coco Chanel's hideaway apartment with her paramour - played by an oddly young-looking Andrew McCarthy, remember him from Pretty in Pink? - oops, I digress). Add to the complex characters, that this show is a beauty bloggers dream - swag bags, magazine shoots, beauty editting, fashion runways ... feeling a little tingle up my spine just talking about it!

Well, I'm loving it, and that's all there is to it. Any other Lipstick Jungle lovers out there?

Wendy Healy, Nico Reilly, Victory Ford


Christina Ricci

photos: instyle and prphotos

I wasn't sure if I liked Christina Ricci's new 'do' until I got a peek at this photo of her with Reese Witherspoon at the Penelope Hollywood Premier. We're so used to seeing this striking beauty with her big, beautiful eyes sporting dark hair, but she's carrying this lighter shade off quite well, don't you think? She's fab in this little black dress gone mod with her little, intsy-bitty self - could eat her up. Both ladies look fresh and glowing with impeccable makeup and those trademark, wispy bangs. Can't wait to see the film!

Thursday, February 21, 2008

Nail Love from Rescue Beauty

We all associate brands with certain images, qualities and the like. For me, when I think of Rescue Beauty Lounge I think of two things - QUALITY + NAILS.
Although there are numerous other types of products found at the stores of Ji Baek, owner and creator, she is known for her meticulous attentiveness to her nail products and nail services. She even jokes about lab technicians having left her firm due to her high level of perfection in wanting to produce the best nail product available over the two years it took to get it right. Interestingly, Ji is also known for her insistence that her spas ("lounges") maintain the epitome of cleanliness and hygiene. A good thing, right? Yes, indeedy!

So if you're not ready to put up your dark, trendy nail colors (think Chanel Blue Satin and OPI Russian Navy), you're in for a treat. This year's fashion Spring shades, although bright and colorful, are nevertheless curiously NOT pastel-y; well, not yet at least. Here is but a sampling of what you'll find at Rescue Beauty Lounge, also available online:

Click individual image to enlarge for more detail

Buzz Sugar 2008 Oscar Ballot Contest

Don't miss your opprotunity to fill out Buzz Sugar's 2008 Oscar Ballot for a chance to win some really fab prizes. How to win? Pick the most Oscar winners. What are the prizes? If you pick the most winners, you'll win $1,000 cash! But that's not all: One second-place winner will receive $500 cash, and 10 third-place winners will get $100 gift cards to the movies!

The ballot will be open until noon PST on Feb. 24. Click here to learn more about it and enter.
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