Thursday, November 29, 2007


Stylist Robert Hallowell's pRAWducts

Ooh la la!!

A veritable feast for your hair ... with ingredients like soy, oat, wheat proteins, calendula, rosemary, manuka honey, orange flower, lemon, grapeseed, fennel, lavender, grapefruit, chamomile, apple extract, neroli and others these products are quite literally a gift to your hair and scalp ... delights the senses with its heavenly smell ... rich, silky hair awaits you ... and provides undeniable shine and protection, even to color-treated hair ... this shampoo and conditioner actually improved the health of my hair after just ONE use ... incredible!

Robert Hallowell, you're a genius ... xo

Good for your hair shampoo .... yes indeed! Now, don't expect a huge lather with this careful shampoo; remember, this is cleansing with wonderful, natural ingredients.

Now fortified with natural anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory and anti-allergenic ingredients Manuka honey and Manuka oil (only found in New Zealand.) Great for any scalp problems. New and improved Shine booster conditioner provides maximum moisturizing and shine enhancing properties. Extracts Rosemary of basil stimulate the scalp and promotes hair growth, while luxuriant herbal oil from the bitter orange tree leaves hair glossy, manageable and full of body!

Katharine McPhee & Penelope Cruz
These looks for Katharine and Penelope are super easy! On damp hair work a small amount of prawduct® The Flat Factor through your hair. Dry your hair with a paddle brush pointing the air towards the floor and brush. When dry, use a flat iron to smooth and close the cuticle; this also will add shine. Finish with a sprits of Love That Shine Spray for extra sheen and you’re ready for your read carpet moment!

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