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Favorite Things 2007


As a new blogger I am delighted to participate in this year's "Favorite Things" and only wish I had reviews in my blog of all the items I'll name in the listing. I do, however, look forward to adding LOTS more and only hope that some find the ramblings as amusing and fun as I do. Oh, so much to say, so little time ... I look forward to comments, so please don't be shy! Would love to know what YOUR interests are, even when we disagree on products and such ... xo

Right, off to the list:

1. FRAGRANCE: Don't hold this against me, but I must rest with a tie for this category

For special occasions: Strange Invisible Perfumes ~ L'Invisible. Description of this fragrance is best given by its creator and so I will quote for your own imagery delight, "Oak moss and a bouquet of resins lay in the shade of ylang ylang and blood orange; coursing through its heart is a redolent fusion of hibiscus and vanilla that coils through dimly lit veils of Moroccan red rose and Sicilian lemon" L'Invisble is the namesake fragrance of SIP and is the aromatic incarnation of something that is material yet hidden from sight; inhabiting the french verb sentir, which means both to smell and to feel. Treat yourself to a bevy of sensual experiences simply by visiting the website.

For everyday and more: REN ~ Rosa Maya. Rosa MayaBrought back in December after discontinuing the fragrance, the UK company deservedly received much appreciation for its return - yea!!! Rosa Maya honors the beguiling sensuality of the rose with its complex and intriguing fragrance having a fresh, floral, citrus top note; a heart of rose, slightest hint of jasmine, and osmanthus; and a sensual base of woods (sandalwood in particular), spices and musks. The fragrance is a Clean Product containing only natural and nature identical ingredients.

2. SHAMPOO & CONDITIONER: PureOlogy ~ NanoWorks.

A bit pricey, but so worth it for fabulously shiny, healthy, color-maintained locks. Rich, yet extra-mild, zero-sulfate, anti-aging haircare.

3. FACIAL CLEANSER: Philosophy ~ Purity Made Simple.

cleansersThis is a liquid crystal cleansing emulsion and skin purifier that removes dirt, makeup, oil and debris in one step; gentle enough even for sensitive skin types.

4. FACIAL EXFOLIANT: Rodan + Fields ~ REVERSE Microdermabrasion Paste.

REVERSE exfoliate: micro-dermabrasion pasteDuring 2007, I've tried many a varied exfoliators, microderm and peel products only to return to this product each and every time. Why? Quite simply, it works; it's gentle; it's effective! My almost 40 year old skin has never looked better.

5. FACIAL MASK: Alchimie Forever ~ Kantic Mask.

Kantic Mask®I love this line of skincare; if you've not tried Alchimie Forever, you should treat your skin to this luxury! The Kantic Mask, with its creamy texture and anti-oxidant rich ingredients of blueberries, wild pansies, oats, grapes and vitamin E, truly reduces redness, brightens and hydrates skin to a healthy, refreshing glow.

6. FACIAL SERUM: REN ~ Revivo Lift H11 Intensive Night Serum.

Revivo-Lift H11 Intensive Night Serum The ONLY product I've found to actually reduce and diminish lines and wrinkles for the long haul. You can actually see the results of this product upon first application. It's like my miracle wrinkle-reducer! [REN decribes this wonder as a concentrated bio active serum formulated to intensively restore skin's elasticity, firmness and vitality; patented hexapeptide liposomes together with native peptides smooth fine lines and wrinkles; myrrh resin firms, vitamin C brightens skin tone and hyaluronic acid boosts hydration]


DAY: Clarins ~ Hydra-Matte Day Lotion.

Perfect for my combination skin, keeps oil at bay for the entire day yet replenishes and hydrates my skin to a smooth finish - love the botanicals.

NIGHT: Sisley Paris ~ Sisleya Global Anti-Age.

/product/foto_1500007_l.jpgDecadent, but gentle enough that my combination skin can enjoy the rich benefits without clogging; renders the skin healthy.

8. FACIAL PRIMER: Thought long and hard on which I would actually name as my favorite for 2007, as I really, really love Smashbox Photo Finish, I'm going to go with this one, which I love equally as much, only because it is lesser known and I wish for people to really appreciate the benefits and effectiveness of this wonderful product that is healthy for the skin. Colorescience ~ Line Tamer Smoothing, Soothing, Skin Brightener.

I urge you to take a look at the ingredients and try it!

9. FOUNDATION: Giorgio Armani ~ Luminous Silk Foundation in #2.

foundation - luminous silk foundation With its varied shades, oil-free formula, lightweight, luminous texture, this is hands down the #1 foundation out there for a true air-brushed looking finish without all the mess and fuss. I get compliments on my skin every time I wear this!

10. CONCEALER: Mary Kay Signature Concealer.

This creamy product covers like nothing else I've used and is surprisingly blendable. At $9.50 a tube (which lasts 4ever), just can't beat it.

11. LOOSE POWDER: T. LeClerc ~ Banane.

Loose Powder Travel BoxA soft, pale yellow powder that reflects light in a most flattering way, illuminating fair to medium complexions with pink undertones, bestows a glow lightening up skin and diminishing imperfections, even redness and dark circles.


Satin Taupe - The epitome of neutral elegance and a crease definer extraordinaire; Vanilla Pigment - highlights a brow bone like no other as well as accentuates and brightens the eye when applied to the inner corner of the eye; Pink Opal Pigment - Flatters almost any eye color and has multiple applications as a shadow, definer, highlighter and more.

13. EYELINER: Lancome ~ Artliner in Blueberry.

Artliner - Eye Pencils & LinersI adore how easy these are to apply, for a cat-eye there is nothing better, and the shades the Artliners come in are gorge ... plus, they last all day.

14. MASCARA: Mirenesse ~ Secret Weapon.

Secret Weapon Mascara Original - BlackYou will not find another mascara like this one! Other similar, "tubing" mascaras are ok at lengthening, but this one also adds volume - lush lashes, no smudging, smear-proof, literally lasts all day (until you wash it off - with water).

15. BLUSH: NARS ~ The Multiple in Sumatra.

[nars+sumatra.bmp]Surprise, surprise ... as I've gone on about this in a recent post, what more needs to be said. Perfect flush, great formula, long-lasting, mutiple purpose product - love it!

16. LIPSTICK: While my favorite lipstick for formula is MAC, I'm going with this LE fashion-inspired stick for fave of this year for the beautiful red color on the lips, creativity of its developer (Gucci Westman), and the designer who show-cased it.

Color Fever Lipstick PS Kiss - Lipcolor Lancome ~ P.S. Kiss (Peter Som/LE).

17. LIP GLAZE: Stila ~ Lip Plumping Glaze in Vanilla Mint.

This is a fair plumper, but I adore the pen-click packaging, the texture, feel and look of the product on my lips and the pleasant vanilla mint taste, so this is my fave for 2007 - yippee!!!

Thanks so much, Annie, for organizing the faves!! Annie's blog is one of the best, as you all know, the beloved Blogdorf Goodman. Check out her faves and the other beauty bloggers who are sharing their faves this year:

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Social Creatures Handmade Fragrances

I'm always fascinated when someone decides to create their own fragrance company, as inevitably it is one with a passionate spirit who can allow himself/herself to be carried away by their senses in true delight. Such is the case, I imagine, with Russell Newell, founder of the UK handmade fragrance line, Social Creatures.

A simple little visit to the website is all it takes to see this must, indeed, be the case. Let me tempt with a little imagery straight from the site:

~ “I am an optimist and hopeful about the future. I believe that human beings have an immense capacity to do good. My scents are designed to be a reminder of this to those who wear or come into contact with them. Scent is something that is both very personal to the wearer yet shared with others.” - Russell Newell.

~ This is our creative playground. We have chosen fragrance as a way of distilling our thoughts and ideas about the world we share. Our message is one of hope and inspiration.

~ Socialcreatures is a creative conceptual practice. This means our inspiration for Socialcreatures fragrances comes from many places. Our inspiration is found in poetry, prose, painting, photography, music or our view of the world and the people in it.

Due out in December 2007 (I'm sitting on pins and needles waiting) is the first "female" scent for the company, the deliciously inspired fragrance - Frankfurt Kitchen. The other two fragrances (bottles below) are decidedly unisex, even masculine in scent.

Rebel Ambush Utopian

Frankfurt Kitchen scent is a rich gourmand mixture - both sexy and mouthwatering at the same. The scent is a rich fruity, ambery mix of resins, peppermint, coffee and osmanthus (a beautiful chinese flower often used to make tea with subtle fruity notes similar to apricot and plum). I can't wait!

"You Are Here" - detail 1997 (from

Trust your intuition: Usually your first subconscious judgment about a new situation is based on how it smells.

Thursday, December 27, 2007

Shu Uemura: REBIRTH Spring 2008 Mode Collection

A picture is worth a thousand words with this spectacular collection; available exclusively online. This goes to the very top of the lemming list!


Revitalize your look this spring with shu uemura's REBIRTH collection. Inspired by the purity, energy and innocence of the spring season, Mr. Uemura designed the 126th Mode Makeup collection to celebrate its 40th anniversary using a combination of soft and vivid hues embellished with a unique and graceful leaf motif to communicate the revitalization of nature occurring at this time of year.


Five limited edition Pressed Eye Shadow shades inspired by the purity, energy, and innocence of spring. These beautiful shades can be worn alone, layered on top of cream eye shadow for added intensity, or as an eyeliner with a dampened brush.

  • Micro-fine powders of two different shapes, which adhere firmly to skin
  • Silicone-coated powder results in truest color payoff and non-fading finish
  • Light capturing powders that absorb and reflect light for a multi-dimensional finish
  • Pristine Green, Spring Breeze, Earth Brown, Sun Stream, Yellow Elation

Spring 2008 Pressed Eye Shadow Spring BreezeSpring 2008 Pressed Eye Shadow Earth BrownSpring 2008 Pressed Eye Shadow Sun StreamSpring 2008 Pressed Eye Shadow Yellow Elation


Volume defined. A revolutionary mascara for lashes that are full and highly defined.
5 deep shades for precisely defined volume.

BlackBrownMauve CascadesBlueGreenPurple


  • Unique gel-based formula allows for a precision layering effect
  • Coats each lash, layer by layer, without clumping – volume is buildable and adjustable
  • Unique Pin-point and Two-Way Brush pulls lashes upward from the root and builds volume from root to tip with precision application
  • Contains a double-wiper system for precise dosage and distribution of formula onto brush
  • Waterproof for long-lasting wear

    Rouge Unlimited Pink Bloom

    Rouge Unlimited - The ultimate lipstick with rich texture and ultra-smooth application! shu uemura has coupled his skillful artistic expertise with hybrid pigment technology to produce the Rouge Unlimited collection. $23

    Pink Bloom, Dewy Beige, Serene Pink

    Glow On Blush Harmonious Orange Glow On Harmonious Orange looks beautiful on the apples of cheeks or under the cheekbone for a softer impression. $21

    Glow On Blush Tranquil Pink Glow On Tranquil Pink creates a calm and gentle impression. $21
    Nail Enamel Innocent Beige Nail Enamel Innocent Beige Formulated with seaweed extracts, shu uemura nail enamel protects against dryness and promotes stronger, healthier nails. Formaldehyde-free and toluene-free. $16 each
    Nail Enamel Gold Zest Nail Enamel Gold Zest
    Nail Enamel PA957 Nail Enamel PA957

    UV UNDER BASE SPF 10 - $32

    A weightless mousse makeup base that helps to even out skintone and texture, reduce redness and minimize the appearance of pores. Use before makeup application to prepare the face for flawless makeup.

    • Unique, lightweight mousse texture for even application and coverage
    • Hamamelis extract helps to tighten pores and make skin surface smoother
    • Can be worn alone or creates the perfect canvas for foundation application
    • SPF protection against harmful UV rays
    • shu uemura signature product

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