Friday, October 7, 2011

Day of Beauty with ShopNBC in Time for Holidays

Getting their groove on in time for the holidays, announces a full day of beauty, Saturday, October 8th.  As usual, they've lined up some gorgeous high-end and moderately priced treats so every girl can take advantage. Prep your beauty routine for holiday glamour with the latest, colors, trends and skincare must-haves for cool weather. Here's what you can expect to find:

Everybody's new favorite cosmetic brand (well, all of a sudden they're everywhere, and with good cauase) introduces their ode to "Jerseylicious divas" everywhere with this fun color palette.  The perfect palette to turn anyone into a bronzed goddess!  As seen on Style Network's Jerseylicious.  An all-in-one set that features all you need to get that sun-kissed faux glow. You'll find 24 vibrant eye shadows in matte and shimmery hues are displayed on one side.

The opposite side consists of four toasty bronzers, two luscious micro mega shine lip glosses and two rosy blushes.  To complete the kit is a double-sided mirror which separates the two color palettes. For the woman on-the-go or a professional makeup artist at a shoot, the Haute Jersey kit is an accessible palette.  The kit is draped with a wild leopard pattern in gold and black, paying homage to savvy fashionistas everywhere. Built-in mirror to admire your new look and re-touch on the go! All-in-one. Travel friendly.

SET INCLUDES:24 Eye Shadows
4 Applicators
Multi-Color Bronzer
3 Bronzers
2 Lip Glosses
2 Blushes

Developed by physicians and athletes and designed by MIT and Harvard engineers. Body buffers exfoliate the skin with the appearance of smoother skin possible in just one use. Body buffing helps improve the appearance of the skin.  Random orbital oscillation massage action helps improve the appearance of the skin and soothe the body.  Massage action helps warm up and soothe muscles before and after exercise.  Body buffing is like a massage and helps promote a calm soothing feeling to help combat a stress filled day.

SET INCLUDES:Baby Belle Buffer Device
Travel Pouch
Two Terry Cloth Bonnets
Apres Contouring Creme - 2 oz
Power Cord

RODIAL GLAMTOX SERUM  SALE $57.64  (retail $75)
I've had the good fortune to try this beautiful treatment, and I declare it is a delight to the senses and wonderfully effective.  It's much lighter than one might expect from a serum being almost elixir-like rather than like a gel or cream.  It is loaded with good for us ingredients.  Glamtox serum contains wheatgerm, macadamia and shea butter to improve skin's natural barrier function against water loss, and help replenish dry, mature skin and rough patches. It also contains Vitamin C to brighten the complexion and to help improve the look of age spots and sun spots. My favorite of all the ingredients?  Punica granatum. Yes, that's right, my friends.  This little gem blends pomegranate seed extract right into the liquid.  Readers know this is my tried and true anti-aging, firming ingredient of choice. What's more, collagen peptides and hyaluronic acid help to plump up the natural collagen while a complex of natural oils nourish the skin.  As stated in the intro, the serum offers a multi-sensory experience through its blend of oils and special ingredients. 

The day of beauty will also feature Rodial's famous snake serum in pen version at an incredible price.  This product contains dipeptides to help improve the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.  The massaging action of tri-roller balls helps ease application around the forehead, eye and mouth areas.  Contains the Snake Venom Peptide Synake to help reduce the appearance of wrinkles.

Click to dispense product and roll directly onto clean skin, targeting areas around the forehead eyes and mouth. Massage with circular motions until product is absorbed. Reapply throughout the day to refresh results.

Among the presentations of the day, ShopNBC will be premiering products from the brand Lotus Cosmetics.  One item to take notice of is Lotus' 100% Natural Mascara.  ShopNBC will feature the mascara in a duo offer.  In addition to the company's report that the mascara is 100% natural, it's also water resistant, smudge proof, and said to condition eyelashes (combines coffee extract with rice protein and sunflower oil), thicken and straighten eyelashes, and add volume to lashes.  What it doesn't contain is parabens, petro-chemicals, phthalates, sulfates, synthetic fragrances, or synthetic dyes.  Nice!

Also making its ShopNBC debut, Skin & Co. brings us a delightful range of facial and body products fresh from the truffle farms of Italy and the Sabatino family (famous for their truffle food products).  Skin & Co Beauty features fresh-harvested, active extracts of rosemary, mint, almond, olive oil, lavender, Sicilian orange and their signature ingredient - truffle.  You'll find their products being offered at special debut pricing during their beauty day presentation.

You'll want to tune in tomorrow when you can.  As for me, I'm looking forward to the tutorial presentations and learning from the special guests and hosts as much as I am eager to get my hands on some new products for cooler weather.  Hope you'll enjoy along with me! xo Day of Beauty: Sat., October 8, 2011

p.s. -- Take a look at their sneak peek now online at Special pricing is already featured. Shhhhh grab what you want before items show with a chance of selling out tomorrow.

ftlob Hiatus

Sorry for the long hiatus, my loves.  And even as I write this, I am away sitting for my adorable little nephews while my sis enjoys a New York trip with her hubs.  Long story short, I've been without proper internet connection for over a month and trying to sort it all out. Add in an all of a sudden crazy personal life and busy work schedule and you get -- no time for the love of beauty.  The horror, you say? Always time for beauty ... indeed!  Coming back slowly as I've missed my own ramblings. (Yes, we bloggers know we do this for ourselves and if others get a little goodness out of what we write, it's a nice extra).

p.s. -- Sis just called frantic about whether her child was home with me as school is calling her in New York wondering why the boy didn't show for school today. Yes! Yes, dad gummit! Evil auntie kept the pre-schooler home today to enjoy the visit. Shoot me. lol.  Guess it's good the school calls to check on the lad, however not enjoying the wrath fired upon me by my sister.

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