Monday, July 6, 2009

REVIEW: Rare El'ements International Haircare

Rare El'ements Hair Collection announces its entry into an age of sophisticated style - a fresh perspective on professional haircare; one that maintains a high level of performance without the use of harsh sulfates, silicones, synthetic enhancers and toxic parabens. Their claim: they've captured the raw unspoiled wealth of nature and have developed three easy steps to recovering and preventing signs of aging hair.

With Rare El'ements, the creators have taken the daily routine of hairwashing and turned it into a luxurious, pampering experience. John Amato and Teri LaVerne (a former fashion model) have 18 years in the salon owning business in upscale Beverly Hills. Together they wanted to create professional haircare products that truly repaired hair from damaging effects of age, chemical processing, and styling as well as incorporate raw, natural ingredients to nourish and condition hair, providing their customers with a luxurious aromatic experience. They've dedicated themselves to the pursuit and creation of a collection that repairs damaged hair and doesn't just mask it by coating it with synthetic enhancers.

The result: a collection that enhances shine, preserves color, hydrates, nourishes and repairs hair.

What you'll find in Rare El'ements is a sophisticated, refined, effective approach to restoring and protecting your hair. Rare El'ements contains pure botanicals, exotic butters and nourishing nut oils from the world's most opulent, raw resources.

So, sounds lovely enough. I was eager to try the shampoo and conditioner in particular to see if the results lived up to all the dreamy sounding hype. They do! Not only is the experience of using the highly aromatic, creamy shampoo and densely rich conditioner akin to a professional spa experience, but the results are spot on. After a week of use (I wash every other day), my hair feels soft, is shiny, healthy looking, full of volume and smells fantastic. I'm splendidly enamored with this line and will continue to use it. I'm hard to please when it comes to haircare. My scalp is very sensitive to intense perfumes and can become "flaky" when harsh products are used. Secondly, since I color my hair, I'm always cognizant of wanting to use products that will conserve that color while also rendering soft, manageable locks. It goes without need of mention that my haircare products must appeal to my olfactory sense. Rare El'ements succeeds in all categories. I highly recommend it!


Pure Shampoo Hydrating Hair Bath

The rich luscious lather (yes, there's a lather, some purely organic devotees will shake a finger; not me) gently bathes and hydrates hair with rare ingredients souces from Italy and Japan, effectively removing product build-up, while preventing over-cleansing or drying. Key ingredients include: Kalahari oil, an African watermelon seed oil that naturally dissolves sebum build-up, moisture balancing Black Seed Oil that contains 15 amino acids and both Rosehip and Marula oils in addition to other essential oils and botanicals.

Essential Conditioner Daily Replenishing Spa Therapy

This rich conditioner repairs and rebuilds each strand of hair with moisture drenching rainforest butters native to Nepal and Brazil, pure botanicals, nourishing nut oils and the energy-giving aroma of natural, essential fragrances. Effective in hydrating and repair, the conditioner does not weigh hair down; it renders gorgeous, full, healthy, shiny hair without silicones and parabens. Key ingredients include: Cupuacu Butter, a creamy rainforest butter that replenishes moisture and offers a natural UVA/UVB protection, Phulwara Butter, Abyssinian, Camelina, Baobob, Marula, Meadowfoam, Rosehip and Macadamia oils.

Pre-Shampoo Rejuvenating Hair and Scalp Serum

A rich formulation of exotic botanicals, pure nut oils and essential aroma fragrances ideal for damaged or color treated hair. Some label it the "miracle" serum for its ability to instantly repair the condition and shine of dull lifeless hair. Every opulent drop holds the secret to rebuilding and promoting stronger, healthier hair growth, replenishing vital nutrients and moisture lost to everyday styling and chemical services. Key ingredients include: omega-3 rich Camelina, Baobob, Marula oil, Borage, Meadowfoam, Avocado, Macadamia, Shea Butter and Rosehip Oil.

Now, these are not drugstore products, and not drugstore prices. The shampoo retails for $34, the conditioner $44 and the rejuvenating treatment serum $44. As such, I'll be using them sparingly when I really want to treat myself. Welllll .... maybe not. I don't think I really want to wait to use this again - ha! Rare El'ements is available through Luckyscent, Vert Los Angeles and other specialty boutiques.

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