Monday, December 7, 2009

REVIEW: Sam Villa's SLEEKR Flat Iron

You know a styling tool is worth its weight in gold when your teenaged daughter tries to steal it from you. This is exactly what's happened with my Sam Villa SLEEKR. I think I got to use it one time (in fact, I know it was only once) before she'd claimed it as her own and found a place for it atop her vanity. Her best friend, these two are joined at the hip, inquired of me just the other day, "Can you tell my mom where she can get a straightener like Caroline's, please? I want one for Christmas."

Caroline (my daughter, left) and her friend Brett-Ashley (right): both girls used the Sam Villa SLEEKR for the dance you see them posed for above.

Hmmmm ... you don't say. One like "Caroline's", huh. Great! Another drool worthy beauty item lost forever to the teenage diva I've inevitably created. Well, she's a lovey, and not at all the indulgent fiend I've made her out to be, so I'm sure she'd allow me to borrow her SLEEKR if I wanted to use it, right Baby? (still waiting for response ... lol)

Ok, the story here is this flat iron is everything it's made out to be and then some. Where other irons I've tried have struggled to compare to my good ole CHI, this one rises to the occasion and delivers a performance worthy of a standing ovation. In fact, my lil' boo actually likes it better than the CHI she thinks is hers (I'm not giving it up, though; hell I need something to use, right).

Here are the deets:

SLEEKR Features and Benefits
$249.95/retail price

· Curved plates ensure non-snagging of hair regardless of angle of use or technique.
· Hybrid flexible plates ensure even compression
· Reduced diameter of handle provides easy control for all hand sizes.
· Unique temperature control band eliminates uncomfortable and oddly placed switches.
· Targeted temperature technology provides 3 pre-set temperatures (375F/392F/410F) including a special Color Treated setting to minimize color fading (I loooooove this feature!!!)
· Advanced ceramic heater reaches target temperatures in under 60 seconds.
· Extra long professional cord allows for freedom of movement
· Snag-free plates
· Ceramic Plates for even heat distribution across entire plate
· Tourmaline Coating on Sleekr® for extra shine and smoothness

backstage NY Fashion Week, October 2009

“Really good idea having the setting for color treated hair on the SLEEKR. Especially if a non-hairstylist is using them, so not to burn their hair. They are great to hold and use. Also, the swivel cord is handy if you are using the irons to wave with. I really enjoyed using them at fashion week. –Jenny Balding, Redken Session Stylist and Redken Expert.

Not only can the SLEEKR be used for straightening, but in Sam Villa style, this styling tool also allows you to create fresh textures in waves and curls, all with a smoothness to be envied by even the most discerning of hollywood glamour buffs. Here's one of his techniques to mimic; he suggests using Redken products (I adore Redken products too; they are superior in quality):

Ribbon Curls - A curl with a sense of laziness, more relaxed and not too coiffed. The idea is to stretch hair with heat – due to the placement and wrap technique of the hair, when it bounces back, it is curled. Think of the ribbons on gifts that are stretched with a scissor and then curl up once released.

1. Take a medium size section 1” in length and ½” in width and prep with Redken Iron Silk 07 ultra straightening spray
2. Hold section in left hand
3. Hold SLEEKR in right hand with the iron vertical and palm facing head
4. Pinch section at base, as you pinch, fold hand so palm faces you (still holding the section with left hand)
5. Slowly slide iron down to the end of the hair shaft ad release hair – it will spring into a ribbon curl.
6. Finish with Redken workforce 09 flexible volumizing spray

Needless to say, my daughter and I are completely delighted with Sam Villa's SLEEKR and can highly recommend it to you for its straightening ability, smooth results, and diverse uses. It's gone everywhere we've gone the last few overnight trips and I suspect it's got lots more travelling it its future!

Sam Villa Signature Series products are available at The Redken Gallerie (212)984-5027. Learn more about Sam Villa online and shop for the SLEEKR, his other impeccable styling tools and education pieces there as well.


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  2. Aw your daughter is so pretty, you must be a proud mommy!

    That's a hefty price for a straightner, but both girls' hair does look amazing. If I straightened my hair that often, this might just be worth the splurge!

    1. I just purchased this straightner from my hair salon for 140.00$ Can't wait to try!!😉 Loree

  3. your daughter is so pretty, you must be a proud mommy!

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  4. Thanks, sweet angels.

    Yes, I'm very proud of my little boo, but more because of her inner beauty than anything else (though I of course think she's the prettiest baby girl in the world).

    Yes, the tool IS pricey, but the payoff in "hair-look" is fantastic! And it's soooo easy to use. You don't have to keep going over your strands like you sometimes do with lessor performing irons.

    Happy New Year!


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