Tuesday, March 8, 2011

HAUTELOOK: Stila on Sale!

Created in 1994 by a top celebrity makeup artist, Stila is known for its modern, sophisticated, non-intimidating approach to beauty. The brand's innovative, multi-tasking formulas, eco-friendly packaging, and fashion-forward colors have cemented its place on must-have lists of top beauty editors around the world. The prestige color brand is a regular on the pages of magazines like Allure and InStyle, and frequents the runways of top designers during New York fashion week. Stila's goal is to help every woman celebrate her own unique beauty; to look and feel like the best version of herself; and to have fun doing it.

This has been a much beloved brand of mine for years.  My favorite of all eyeliners, Stila Smudgesticks, are always is my makeup bag, a drawer or two at the office and in my handbag. Of course their Kitten eyeshadow is iconic and blends beautifully on the lid, flattering all eye colors. Loooove 'em!

Enjoy the Stila sale today at Hautelook beginning at 8 am PT.  Click the link below to sign up (membership is FREE) and buy your goodies!


  1. So good to have you back! I love Stila :)

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  4. I really love this thing, it looks very nice. Thanks for sharing.

  5. How sweet, Ana .... thank you so much for the kind words. I will definitely be sure to check out armabeauty and happy to follow!

    Enjoy the day and thanks for following!


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