Tuesday, April 12, 2011

REVIEW: Annmarie Organic & Natural Skin Care

When the first ingredient listed on a product label is love, you know you're in for some goodness. Annmarie Organic Skin Care doesn't disappoint. Using blends of natural oils and extracts to preserve her products, founder Annmarie Gianni stands firm on not using alcohol or chemicals in her line of pure, organic skincare. As a consumer, I appreciate that. A lot!

Frustrated with not being able to find products, even natural ones, without chemicals and harsh ingredients, Annmarie decided the only way she'd get them was to make them herself. She called upon the teachings of ancient cultures, herbalists and shamans to create products from what the earth provides us. Believing her products have innate healing energies that bring awareness and allow those who use her products to truly radiate their own natural beauty, she incorporates natural practices, ancient methodology and aromatherapy in her skincare line. In this, Annmarie Skin Care is designed to not only soothe your physical body, but also help shape your inner beauty by invigorating the soul. One need only gaze upon Gianni herself to see this inner beauty radiating outwardly. Her skin is gorgeous!

I had the opportunity to try a few of her products. True to the claim, these products are as soothing to the senses as they are the skin, and as such are a pleasure to use.

L-R: Aloe Cleanser, Ayurvedic Scrub, Neroli Toning Mist and Honey Coconut Mask
 Aloe-Herb Cleanser
This is a creamy, milky liquid in texture and appearance and smells delightfully of orange blossom. The blend of oil and extracts contains essential fatty acids, similar to those produced by the skin; it is rich in antioxidants like vitamin E, which help prevent and repair free radical damage. This is a very gentle cleanser (could be used with a Clarisonic for sure), and leaves skin refreshed, soft and moisturized. Key ingredients include organic aloe vera infused with lavender, calendula, hyssop, lemon balm, neem leaf, olive leaf, organic ruby grapefruit, lemon oil, green mandarin oil and extracts. I would think even the most sensitive of skins could use this without issue as it truly is just that gentle.

Ayurvedic Facial Scrub
This one took a little getting used to for me. It's very herbal and earthy in smell, which I generally enjoy, but this is a bit like using dirt on your face - yes, that earthy. The positive here is that it is loaded with fantastic ingredients: Moroccan Rhassoul Clay, fenugreek seeds, organic lavender, rosemary, lemon balm leaves, horsetail herb and more. It's a dry, powdery mixture that is mixed with either a bit of water or the Aloe-Herb Cleanser to concoct a paste, which is then gently massaged onto facial skin, neck, etc. The blend is designed to nourish and re-mineralize skin.

Neroli Toning Mist
This is a delightful toner that smells as lovely as it is effective. There are just two ingredients that make up this mist: love and pure organic neroli distillate (from orange blossoms). The mist is soothing, refreshing, and assists skin to return to balance.

Coconut Honey Mask
This is my star of the line. I looove this product. When you open the jar, is appears solid or like cold oil/wax would look. However, it is smoothe like a fine butter and blends to perfection onto the skin. It smells sweetly of coconut and honey, not too sweet, it's subtle. the product is so natural it's good enough to eat! The live enzymes nourish inside and out. It moisturizes skin like no other. I was truly impressed with the hydration and softness of my skin after the very first use. Honey is high in vitamin C, B vitamins and amino acids. It's also wonderful for dry elbows, knees and cracked heels and may be massaged in a left to soften without removing. It's a triumph in fabulous-ness!

I encourage you to learn more about Annmarie and her lovely line of organic skincare at her websiteAnnmarie Organic Skin Care is available online at Renegade Health at through specialty retailers.  Most of her products retail for under $30 with the serums, oils and skincare sets available for a bit more.  Enjoy!


  1. I have been using the Honey & Coconut mask for 2 months now and I love it. You certainly can feel difference between a chemical based mask and one that is truly all natural. It is the perfect moisturizing mask for me and I hope you will also love it.

  2. Hi there,

    Yes, I really do love it. It feels wonderful to apply and skin is so smooth and soft after using. So glad you're seeing benefits as well and thanks bunches for your feedback!


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    Thanks for sharing. ;)

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    I really love your collection and work.

  5. Is this good for curly hair?

  6. Aloe is a clean vanilla ice cream, texture and appearance, and orange blossom scent milky white liquid. A mixture of oil and extracts contain essential fatty acids.

  7. It really helps when the advertisers of a product are paragons of beauty and skin care, exemplifying the very qualities every woman wants to possess.

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