Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Get Moving Tips for Women on the Go from Fitness Expert Kristin McGee

Kristin McGee courtesy of KristinMcGee.com

That's you, right? A woman on the go?  Sure is.  If you're like me, you scold yourself repeatedly throughout the day for not getting more movement in for the good of the ole bod.  Help has arrived!

Celebrity yoga and fitness instructor Kristin McGee shares quick tips for sneaking movement into your day this summer.  Google her, you'll see this lass knows her stuff.  Always happy to learn new, inspired ways to tender my body more healthy, I am so appreciative for these quick tips-on-the-go.

  • Rise and shine each morning with a set of high knee lifts
  • Carry, don't cart, your grocery bags and use their weight to do a few quick bicep curls to tone your arms
  • Take the stairs two at a time to sneak walking lunges into your daily routine (no elevators, girls)
  • Do 20 jumping jacks to get your heart rate up and blood pumping (fresh oxygen, please, feels great)

Here's another little tip for summer, ladies.  Degree Women launched a new wetness protection in March designed to start working before you even need it.  Degree Women motionSENSE is activated by motion first and is proved to help women stay ahead of perspiration.  It's currently my anti-perspirant/deodorant of choice - love the Fresh Energy scent - and is keeping me dry and comfy even in the sizzling hot, humid heat of down south New Orleans. That's a feat! Degree Women motionSENSE is available in drugstores nationwide and retails for approximately $4.69.

Vera Sweeney, Kristin McGee and Audrey McClelland

Want more?  You've got it!  Check out this quick 2 minute vid from Degree with Kristin giving more movement tips to two expert blogging angels (love them!), Vera Sweeney of I'm Not Obsessed and  Lady & the Blog and Audrey McClelland of Mom Generations.


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