Saturday, June 4, 2011

Fall 2011: Too Faced Midnight in the Garden of Glamour

Exclusive only to Too Faced for the entire month of June, take a gander at Midnight in the Garden of Glamour new for Fall 2011!  That's right, Sephora and Ulta don't even have this yet. 

With a garden of gemstone and shimmery neutral colors to play with, this collection rocks my green-eyed world!  Green-eyed in that it's the color of my eyes, not that I perceive the world with envy. Ok, that clarified, just imagine how these shades will enhance green eyes.  Really, the shades of the new palette will enhance all eye shades beautifully.  Let me share more of the deets of the collection.

A smokey eye is the most requested makeup look by women seeking a smoldering, sexy style. Too Faced reintroduces this popular collection with a slimmer package and new, color-saturated formulas. Created for this deeply blended technique, the wearable shades add a modern drama to all eye shapes.

Shades include: Firefly (silvery taupe), White Lie (sugar white), In A Flash (silver shimmer), Cloves (bronzey brown), Nice Ash (charcoal), Smoking Jacket (black plum), Up In Smoke (black brown), Smokin Hot (matte black), Smolder (matte navy)

Personally, I fancied their shadow before, but Too Faced has amped up their shadows with this dangerously rich collection of exotic shadows. These intense sating shades were created as the must-have accessory to compliment their best-selling eye shadow collections.

Introducing Shadow Insurance Lemon Drop Color Correcting Eye Shadow Primer!
World-famous Shadow Insurance primer has been infused with a perfect lemon-yellow tone that neutralizes redness and ruddiness while ensuring eye shadow shades are clear and true every time.

Their creamy, long-wearing eye liners glide on with the ease of a liquid liner and are said to lock down for 8 hours of budge-proof, smudge-proof wear. These high-impact pencils come in six waterproof shades ranging from the necessary classic to cutting-edge couture. Each includes a flexi-firm, beveled smudger to allow for a smokey blend or precise line.

Shades include: Black, Peacock (teal), Black Orchid (blackened plum), Purple, Brown, and Storm (charcoal)

The Midnight in the Garden of Glamour collection also features a dual-helix, keratin-infused, curl-setting mascara (Size Queen tis its name) and a 3-piece brush set created by founder Jerrod Blandino that are "must-haves for all eye makeup application".  Visit TooFaced online today to learn more about the collection and for purchase.


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  4. I fancied their shadow before but too faced has amped up their shadows with this dangerously rich collection of exotic shadows these intense sating shades were created as the must have accessory to compliment their best-selling eye shadow collections.
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