Friday, October 7, 2011

ftlob Hiatus

Sorry for the long hiatus, my loves.  And even as I write this, I am away sitting for my adorable little nephews while my sis enjoys a New York trip with her hubs.  Long story short, I've been without proper internet connection for over a month and trying to sort it all out. Add in an all of a sudden crazy personal life and busy work schedule and you get -- no time for the love of beauty.  The horror, you say? Always time for beauty ... indeed!  Coming back slowly as I've missed my own ramblings. (Yes, we bloggers know we do this for ourselves and if others get a little goodness out of what we write, it's a nice extra).

p.s. -- Sis just called frantic about whether her child was home with me as school is calling her in New York wondering why the boy didn't show for school today. Yes! Yes, dad gummit! Evil auntie kept the pre-schooler home today to enjoy the visit. Shoot me. lol.  Guess it's good the school calls to check on the lad, however not enjoying the wrath fired upon me by my sister.



  1. You're so funny my dear with your auntie's story :), well I guess aunties are made to spoil the kids.... lol

    Hope you're having a wonderful and blessed time, my sweetie.


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