Sunday, September 30, 2012

I.C.O.N. to Support Breast Cancer Awareness + A Giveaway

October is Breast Cancer Awareness month, which means it’s time to gear up and get training for our 5/10K walk/run. Each year, I.C.O.N. partners with STOP CANCER Research Awardees from UCLA Jonsson, USC Norris and City of Hope's Comprehensive Cancer Centers. "A cure has become my cause," says Co-Founder Chiara. Walk or run alongside beauty professionals, family and friends in an effort to eradicate breast cancer. Register today and meet bright and early at Woodley Park in Van Nuys on Sunday, October 7th.

“I dream sometimes of a different world, one where cancer is an illness from the past; where breast cancer no longer exists. It’s important to me that we find a cure. My sister has breast cancer, my mother died of breast cancer. I have a daughter. A cure has become my cause.”

--Chiara Scudieri

If you've followed my blog postings, you know I have respect for this brand. While most of the high-end lines are owned by bigger companies, I.C.O.N. is fiercely independent, which lets it maintain a focus on strong culture, skincare-quality ingredients and educating the hairstylists who use it. The brand is highly focused on the feeling experienced while using their products as much as the quality and purity of the products themselves. 

I.C.O.N.'s Energy line works to detoxify and help clarify.  Shift is a detoxifying pre-shampoo treatment to shift the overall state of the hair from scalp to ends to soothe and stimulate healthy hair growth and refresh the senses. The Energy Shampoo gives hair energy by invigorating and balancing for a re-life; it stimulate and purifies the scalp to promote healthier hair. The Energize Conditioner continues to energize hair into a more strengthened resiliently bright, youthful appearance; it cools the scalp while promoting healthier, silkier hair. 

Here's your opportunity to win a fabulous set of I.C.O.N.'s Energy products:

Click image to enter via I.C.O.N.'s facebook page

Energy Shampoo
Energize Conditioner
Shift Treatment

Rejuvenate and invigorate with our Detox Regimedy set. This product trio infuses hair with energy, cools the scalp with a blend of peppermint and stimulates healthy hair growth. Detoxify and prepare your hair for this season’s newest styling trends!

Prize Eligibility
Only persons residing in United States who are at least 18 years of age can enter.

Sweepstakes Starts
September 25, 2012 @ 03:00 pm (PDT)

Sweepstakes Ends
October 01, 2012 @ 11:59 pm (PDT)


  1. Nice start guys...I went through the website and Flower shop Van Nuys
    I found that you made decent point here. Keep up the topic that everyone can choose one of the best. Thanks.

  2. Icon is going to support breast cancer awareness. Useful post


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