Monday, October 5, 2009

PurpleLab: SWAC Lip Gloss - Kiss for a Cure

New fom the deliciously fabulous PurpleLab!

PurpleLab has partnered with the Triple Negative Breast Cancer Foundation to create a special lip gloss, SWAC ("Sealed With a Cure"), with partial proceeds to go to the charity. The gloss has been designed to boost "beauty, health, and confidence" while raising money for breast cancer research. Since launching the wildly popular Huge Lips Skinny Hips line of plumping lip glosses (I LOVE these glosses!), PurpleLab has been on a roll participating in and celebrating one event after another.

SWAC in Nancy is named after Nancy Block-Zenna, a much beloved woman who was diagnosed with triple negative breast cancer when she was 35 years old. PurpleLab founder Karen Robinovitz discovered Nancy's story through mutual friends and wanted to learn more about this particular, lesser known type of cancer. Sadly, Nancy passed away two and a half years after her diagnosis. Inspired by Nancy's strength, her mutual friends set up the Triple Negative Breast Cancer Awareness Foundation to raise awareness and support research.

Nancy's favorite color - pink - was chosen for this amazing gloss. SWAC's sheer pink color, a blush tone that looks amazing on all skin tones, features gold flecks for extra dazzle.

Features and Benefits
• Paraben-free
• Health boosting and immune system enhancing ingredients including Mangosteens Echinacea
• Ultra-moisturizing, non-sticky formula
• Scented with uplifting Vanilla
• Real gold flecks
• Enriched with anti-aging peptides

Mangosteen: Originating from the Sunda Inslands and Moluccas of Indonesia, this Asian superfruit is rich in antioxidants and is know to stimulate the immune system
Echinacea: This Native American Purple Coneflower is a herb known for stimulating the immune system, making cells more efficient in attacking disease
Vanilla: a natural anti-depressant with antioxidant properties
Vitamin E: An ultra moisturizing antioxidant
Vitamin C: An antioxidant that nurtures the skin and helps protect cells
Gold Flecks: Dating back to ancient times, gloss as been used for its healing properties
Peptide 168: Contains anti-aging benefits

Available through pre-order only at this time. Get your order in now; this is going to be a hugely popular product! Visit b-glowing for more information and to pre-order your gloss. SWAC will retail for $18.50 a tube and is set for shipping 10/16/09, with partial proceeds benefitting the Triple Negative Breast Cancer Foundation.

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