Sunday, October 18, 2009

YLANG 23 Presents Sydney Evan Jewelry

YLANG23 (formerly known as Ylang-Ylang) is owned by Joanne and Charles Teichman opened in Dallas in 1985, and quickly attracted a faithful clientele. Those they serve either can afford anything or insist upon a certain style epxressive of their own inner aesthetic, and prefer the fine workmanship of renowned designers who shape the trends in the U.S. and Europe.

While their jewelry has changed over the years, one constant is that they've always stayed ahead of the curve, always true to a vision of providing the most exciting breakthrough collections, and always a level of service their clients find unmatched. Their clients have a natural ability to put pieces together, whether it's Chanel or Gap (or the two together), Cathy Waterman, Me & Ro, or a rare day stripped of all jewelry.

Enter Roseanne Karmes. In her Sydney Evan collection, Karmes conveys personal sentiment in trendy, hip and expressive pieces that include the hamsa and evil eye pendants - spiritual protection pieces. Life, love and family are all reflected in Karmes’ jewelry, all executed in diamonds and gold. Sydney Evan enjoys a large following of jewelry lovers, who collect stacks of bracelets and good luck pieces.

Individual pieces range from about $250 to $3,000. Please visit YLANG 23 for more information and to shop their fantastic lines of chic, trendy designer jewelry.


Please let us know your thoughts. xo

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