Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Longwear: Giorgio Armani Metallic Eye Shadows for Fall 2010

Giorgio Armani Beauty (Loreal USA)

So the verdict is in per InStyle's beauty department and the news is good.  Armani Metallic Eye Shadows set to launch in mid-October stand the test of time (read: last all day)!

The densely pigmented powder-gel hybrid combines shimmer with translucent emollients that lock color in place.  Professional makeup artist Joanna Schlip chimes in, "These shadows are ideal for my red-carpet clients because there's no need for a touch-up."  Schlip does provide a few tips for application of this unique new product, though.  The color is extremely rich and can be tricky to apply.  She suggests, "dipping a damp brush in the pot and swirling it on the back of your hand until the shadow is a sheer paste."

Beauty editors claim the shadows lived up to the long-wear claim.  The report they applied it on a steamy summer morning, and the color didn't budge, fade or crease; no small feat.  The shadows are said to be easily removed, however, with an oil-based makeup remover.  The color lasted on these beauties a whole 10 hours.

Looking forward to trying these me thinks, if for no other reason because of the luxury of a richly colored gel-powder Armani shadow on my lid! Armani Metallics will be available online at Giorgio Armani Beauty mid-October.  The shadows will retail for about $32 each.

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