Saturday, September 4, 2010

Stila's 4th Travel Palette: Make an Impression in Moscow + Why I Know about It

Oh Stila travel palette ... fourth in the series of $10 mini product treasures ... where for art though, travel palette?  And why art Roxy gettin' the scoop before the rest of us?

Well, truth be told, Roxy ... ahem ... I ... didn't.  This post is inspired by an anonymous reader who wanted to know how I got a sneak preview of the Stila Make an Impression in Moscow Travel Palette highlighted in my last post.  The "Moscow" palette is fourth in Stila's series of travel minis set to be released in mid-September. It offers four scrumptious Stila eyeshadows (that shimmery light baby blue is particularly gorg) and a Convertible Color cheek and lip cream in a peachy-blushy rose hue.

Did I have the inside scoop from a savvy source? Was I given top secret clearance to the world of Stila? Did Stila's PR and press agents slide the news to me in a wisely transmitted email? Did I somehow sneakily steal into the Stila labs late one night and snap a picture of the next travel palette with my trusty cameraphone.  Newsflash: Roxy ain't that ambitious!

Allow me to introduce you to the fantastically fun and informative MSN site Glo.  Ladies and fellas, if you've not been clued into Glo yet and learning all about what they have to share on topics such as Beauty, Style, Relationships and Living then you're in for a treat!  Glo is fun, it's interactive, it's visually appealing and right on trend.  Glo is who turned me on to a preview of Stila's Make an Impression in Moscow Travel Palette as well as other multi-tasking palettes (which I reproduced in an abbreviated effort in my last post below).

Enjoy! xo

images: Stila, Glo

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  1. Do you know what colors will be in the Fabulous in Fiji palette? I already have the first 3, but can't wait to collect them all!


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