Tuesday, October 19, 2010

ShopNBC Day of Beauty is TODAY!

So, I got caught up watching the beginnings of ShopNBC's Day of Beauty last night and was so enthralled with the new products that I couldn't turn it off.  Not real smart as I have an extremely early morning and an all day conference for work that I'm facilitating. WTH?

Surprisingly, I'm fresh a daisy this morning, bright-eyed and feeling like I got 10 hours, forget 8 hours, of sleep.  Don't worry, I know it'll catch up and I'll be better .... well, tomorrow night as I know I'll be stuck to my TV screen again tonight watching the remainder of the Day of Beauty into the late night hours.

So enough about me ... this is about what appears to be fantastic, mostly new beauty products.  And you'll find them all day long on ShopNBC and ShopNBC.com.  Trust me, ladies and fellas, you do not want to miss this.  I really encourage you to check them out on TV if you're able as the demonstrations of these products are so amazing they sell themselves.  You won't get them from just a perusal of the website.  True beauty education awaits you on the tube.

A gander at the ones that are jumping out to me? 
Skinn Cosmetics Plasma Foundation Kit ($45).  It's the channel's Today's Top Value and comes with a sweet gift with purchase (GWP), which includes a brand new foundation brush.  The kit itself offers you two complementary foundation shades as well as a concealer - all in Dimitri James' sure-to-be-famous new plasma technology.  You choose between Light, Medium or Deep. I saw the demonstrations of this foundation.  A-mazing! The models truly looked as if they could be front and center on any top beauty magazine - forget the photoshopping ... they were flawless!

Skinn Cosmetics Line Stop Eye Treatment System ($49), a four piece set that includes Dimitri's Crease Release Eye Serum, Sinta Fill for Eyes, EnergEyes Anti-Fatigue Eye Firming Mask (loaded with green tea) and Luxe Premier Mascara was truly "eye-opening" in the on air presentation and I do mean that pun literally, ladies. Oh my gosh ... you should have seen the way these products worked on the model's eyes.  If you're like me you've seen many an on-air demonstration of brands parading eye and facial products to yield jaw-dropping results only to leave you feeling like, "eh".  No here, my friends.  I've gotta have this kit having seen this demonstration.  Truly impressive!

Another product that looks like something I'll wanna try?
New skincare complany ClickR is launching exclusively on ShopNBC until January 2011, then they'll be available at Sephora as well.  For now, though, you can only get beauty veteran Florence Sender's new skincare line on ShopNBC.  Her Diamond Dust Skin Polish ($30) from the Figure It Out Line looks and sounds wonderful.  Diamond Dust is a lightweight face and neck treatment that polishes, exfoliates and refines pores (without a grainy feel, by the way ... it's not a physical exfoliation texture, the ingredients just act in the manner of exfoliation) , evens tone and controls moisture to eliminate dullness and restore a beautiful, glowing radiance to the skin. It's said to bathe skin with a treasure trove of special ingredients including real diamond dust, roots, seeds, herbs and gold and silver which enhance the total appearance of the skin. By utilizing unique ingredients such as minerals from the earth including gold, silver and diamond dust, as well as minerals from the sea, root and seed extracts, vitamins, fruits, flowers and rich proteins in the form of peptides, Florence feels strongly that each vegan element be added for a reason - to create incredibly effective, gentle, fast-acting skincare, while using only the most purposeful ingredients that your skin craves.

Another product showing impressive results on air today?
Wrinkle Magic Instant Wrinkle Reducer w/ Light Concealer  ($20).  Never heard of this before, but the on air demonstration was quite compelling.  It works by instantly and temporarily tightening and filling in the lines and wrinkles and lightly conceals and brightens the skin and eye area.  The eye area appeared lifted and it really helped to open the eye bringing a more youthful appearance in the before and after pics.

There's soooo much more to see.  What I've given you is just the very tip of the iceberg.  You'll also find great value and products from Cosmedicine, BECCA, Pacifica, Wholearth, RAW Essentials and others.  There's even a Vapour Organic Discovery Kit of four of their products for under $30 available today. Plus, everything is available with their Value Pay plan today on Beauty Day, which breaks payments up for you without having to pay interest.  Sweet!


  1. Lovely product. This is very useful for my models. I think it doesn't have any antioxidant material. I want to purchase it now.

  2. Great post and product. I agree, I want to buy it now too.


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