Wednesday, November 26, 2008 a Big Hit and Fab for Holiday Tips

I don't know whether to clue you in about this site or not. The dilemma? It is HUGELY addictive! I agreed to play around with the site for one of my contacts and haven't been able to break myself away all morning, and this when I have soooooo much information on products, holiday deals and more that I really want to bring you today. Enough already, I had to cut myself off. Faced with the conflict of whether to share the scoop with my darling lovelies, though, I figure you'll just have to call in your own willpower if faced with the unbridled desire to continue clicking away at hundreds of looks on your own little photo all at your fingertips.

But enough of my babble already, here's the goods (don't say I didn't warn you). Check out where you can refresh and reinvent an all new you! Choose from hundreds of hairstyles, celebrity looks, apply makeup from a plethora of brands and lines (from high end to drug store). Add accents, jewelry, nail polish, even whiten your teeth, oh my.

What else? Well, you can read what Carmindy has to say about Beauty on a Budget; get hair and makeup tips from top hair stylists and celebrity makeup artists; check out an abundance of product reviews; see before & after photos; and so much more.

Here's one of my makeovers to give you a sample of what you can do. I picked an Eva Mendes updo and created the makeup look with shades and brands offered through the interactive program. I WISH my lips were as voluminous as my makeover shows - get me some of those!

So what are you waiting for, get yourself over to DailyMakeover, upload a photo and have fun!

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