Monday, November 10, 2008

Pomega5 Helping Teens Become Green

Pomegranate Blemish Cleansing Bar

Exfoliating cleansing treatment specifically for teens
Formulated with Omega-rich olive oil and handmade according to traditional soap-making methods for Teens Turning Green, this facial cleansing bar is truly one-of-a-kind. Pomegranate seed oil, nutrient-rich eucalyptus and myrtle provide a deeply clarifying and non-drying cleansing experience, while red clover gently exfoliates and aromatherapeutic lemongrass massages the senses.

The result: skin is left feeling detoxified, moisturized and supple. Highly effective in small quantities, Pomegranate Blemish Cleansing Bar is long lasting and offers the perfect treatment for troubled teenage skin. Can be used day and night by all skin types. Contains no parabens, fillers, synthetic chemicals, or fragrances. Not tested on animals and sustainably packaged.

A word from Tzeira Sofer of Pomega5:

What inspired you to agree to be a part of the Teens Turning Green line?
I love the ability to interact one-on-one with the user, and am grateful for the opportunity to work closely with the Teens in the development of this line, as their opinions are invaluable.

Why is it important to support an organization like Teens for Safe Cosmetics?
Teens for Safe Cosmetics is the perfect partner for Pomega5. Our common goal is to educate consumers - young and old - on how to make responsible choices about the products they use and to offer a line of safer, healthier products.

Tell us about your product and its attributes.
Pomegranate Blemish Cleansing Bar – Specifically requested by the teens, this 100% pure soap-free cleanser is formulated to address the particular concerns of teen skin and is filled with the most natural ingredients available. Skin is deeply cleansed and exfoliated; left feeling and looking fresh and vibrant.
• Ultra-premium organic pomegranate seed oil heals and refreshes skin.
• Extra virgin olive oil, a natural emulsifier and moisturizer, nourishes, smoothes and comforts.
• Bark particles gently exfoliate.
• Eucalyptus and myrtle offer deep cleansing.
• Other natural botanicals cleanse skin, unclog pores and even out skin tone.
• The aromatherapeutic lemongrass scent is naturally uplifting.
• The Pomega5 Blemish Cleansing Bar contains no perfumes, is vegan, naturally preservative-free, suitable for all skin types and may be used on the face or body.

What do you think will make it stand out for a teen consumer?
Teens Turning Green was developed specifically to help fill a void in the marketplace and make “green” products accessible to teens. We think TTG is an incredible endeavor because it sends the message that you don’t have to be wealthy to take care of your skin properly and that there are pure products out there that are extremely effective and yield just as good – if not better – results than traditional skin care products based on synthetic chemicals.

I'm a huge fan of Pomega5 products. I still have the Cleansing Bar I wrote about back in July and I use it pretty much daily. The Pomega5 Blemish Cleansing Bar is available for $9.80 (they last a long, long time). For more information, additional product offerings for teens or to make a purchase, please visit Teens Turning Green.

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