Saturday, May 29, 2010

Global Green Reacts to BP Gulf Oil Spill

Well, as many of you know I live in New Orleans. So to say the BP oil fiasco hits close to home is more than just a play on words, it actually HITS home.  As such, please allow me to veer away from the normal subject matter in order to share a piece on Global Green's outreach to this situation. I'm very thankful for their help and the attention they've shown us, and this is my small way of getting the word out!

Thank you, Matt Petersen and the whole Global Green Family!

What follows is a message from Matt Petersen of Global Green:

Like most Americans, I continue to be depressed and angered by BP's wholly inadequate response to the tragic BP oil spill, despoiling the Gulf Coast and wetlands of Louisiana.

Hopefully, the 'top kill' works to stop the continued leak. But if that succeeds, its only the beginning of what will take years, if not decades, to recover from the worst oil spill in history. The worst environmental disaster in our nation's history.

It is all hands on deck time -- for stopping the spill, cleaning it up, holding BP accountable (and not allowing it to hide behind semantics of "legitimate claims" to avoid making good on their commitment to cover the costs of the spill), and reducing our oil dependency while creating a cleaner, greener future.

As you may know, Global Green and the Commercial Fishermen of America recently organized a community event to send a “human text message” to BP, President Obama, and Congress about their concern and anger about the BP Oil Spill. This was just days before oil hit their community's beaches and nearby wetlands. Watch video from the event (also available below).

They said "NEVER AGAIN." We must join with them in sending this message to BP and the oil industry, as well as to Congress and the federal government.

Margaret Curole, a local resident and board member of Commercial Fisherman of America, shared with me the sentiment in Grand Isle yesterday:
“Everyone's tempers are flaring over the...inability to recognize the importance of urgent action, but after Katrina I have no idea why we should expect different. The beach where we took the picture is closed and I couldn't get close.”
Global Green is continuing to document the impacts of the spill on the Gulf Community, helping to rally emergency food relief efforts for the impacted communities of the Gulf, calling for more regulation of the oil industry and increasing investment in renewable energy and clean technologies. We also must demand that BP pay every penny owed as the ecosystems and communities recover.

If you’d like to help with our efforts, please donate here. You can also read more about the impacts on the Gulf Coast community on our blog.

With President Obama visiting New Orleans today (5/28/20), we’ve prepared a statement which I wanted to share with you.
In part: --> "We call on President Obama to recognize the level of desperation and suffering the Louisiana economy, communities, wetlands and marine life – which provide much of our nation’s energy and food, as well as critical ecosystems and species that make life as we know it possible -- are experiencing, and take action commensurate to the problem.
We hope he – and Congress – hears the voices which are saying 'never again'. "
Let’s all join the Gulf Coast communities in saying, NEVER AGAIN.
Matt Petersen Signature_small
Matt Petersen
President & CEO

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