Saturday, May 15, 2010

REVIEW: New! Wei East China Herbal Advance Eyes Alive

I discovered Wei East skincare several years ago (well, perhaps a little longer than several, the older I get the quicker time goes by). My first Wei East love was their China Lotus Anti-Aging Masque, which remains the creamiest, most hydrating and soothing facial masque I've tried to this day.  I was intrigued by Wei East's sparkly, energetic, charismatic founder Wei Brian. That's what first drew me to want to try her products. There she was, peddling skincare made from ancient Chinese recipes loaded with herbs and botanicals on HSN (yes, the shopping network) long before botanical, natural ingredients in skincare was, well, cool!

Since those days, HSN has come a long way in provision of the ultimate in beauty must-haves and Wei Brian has continued to expand her much adored skincare line, all the while staying true to her premise that ancient Chinese remedies passed down for generations from mother to child and nature's flora and herbal wonders are what make life worth living, and what make skin beautiful.

I admire Wei for holding true to her heritage, for allowing her love of nature and beauty to drive her purpose and mission; oh yes, it is a mission and Wei represents it well. And is if I needed more reason to admire her, allow me to add yet one more; one that demonstrates her grace and one that deserves respect. Wei makes no secret of the fact that she and her family have struggled to find help for her son diagnosed with autism at the age of six. Through a journey that led them through various Western and Eastern treatment modalities, they have seen some light, where once there was only mysterious darkness, and are hopeful and confident about continued improvements and progress in the treatment of autism. As one who works specifically in the field of mental health for very young children, I know how devastating this disorder can be for families and how important it is to support continued research for its treatment. To help bring "rainbows" to families affected by autism, Wei created a special WE Help Bring Hope collection to support the work of The Autism Treatment Center of America™ and Autism Speaks™ . Collection by collection, box by box, they donate the entire purchase price of the collection ($70) to these organizations. Incredible!

So, I know I've digressed, but if I'm going to feature an article on a Wei East product, I simply cannot do it justice without sharing the depth of beauty of its founder and creator.

Now onto New! China Herbal Advance Eyes Alive: Wei's new China Herbal formulas feature breakthrough technology that allows scientists to extract properties from herbs in ancient Chinese remedies with greater precision and deliver them directly to your skin. Using only the freshest, hand-harvested Green Tea from China's remote Lushan region, they use advanced extraction technology to deliver both immediate and long-term benefits to the thin, vulnerable skin around the eye area.

Combined with Mulberry Leaf and Soy this new formula is said to provide visible results within minutes of application and to diminish the appearance of puffiness, dark circles, fine lines and crepiness over time, and for me it has. The cream has a light, silky texture that absorbs effortlessly making application comfortable and efficient. As a little goes a long way, just a tiny pea size or so is needed each application. Just gently tap onto the undereye area with your ring finger. The scent is very light, subtle and herbal so as not to overpower the sensitive nasal passages close to the eyes. I've found this cream to be very soothing to my undereye area and I've noticed a brightening effect for sure where once only purplish, dark circles appeared at the inner corners closest to my nose. I'm enjoying this product immensely. A bit hard to explain or pinpoint but it just "feels good!"

This is a huge tube of eye cream compared to most eye creams you'll find on the market at a whopping .7 ounce and retails for $35. Compare that to some of these: Murad Lighten & Brighten (.5 oz $67), Relastin Eye Silk (.5 oz $69, which I do still love by the way), SkinCeuticals Eye Blam (.5 oz $78),  Hylexin (.78 oz $95), Bliss The Youth As We Know It Eye Cream (.5 oz $75), Philosophy Hope in a Tube (.5 oz $33).

For more information about Wei and Wei East products, please visit Wei East online or  There, you'll find incredible specials on beauty and skincare kits as well as the inside story behind all her wonderful products individually.


  1. I am so happy I stumbled across your blog!

    I am intrigued to try this procust. I am on the eternal search to get rid of the dark circles. I checked on HSN and they have a kit for $45 plus shipping. I'm guessing it's a good deal since the eye cream is $35 by itself. Do you think the other products are worth a try?


  2. *product* not procust. Sorry!

  3. Absolutely! Wei's herbals, lotus, golden root and other lines are fantastic as well in case anything (kits) in those lines appeal to you. Definitely get the kit so you can try out all her other pieces. I've found her products to be very soothing on my skin, very hydrating. It's a win-win with the kit!

  4. how does the dark circle and anti puffy eye concealor work...I just ordered it on line since I am so happy with the white lotus eye creme...I think that's what it's called in the green jar.

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