Saturday, May 8, 2010

QVC First to Introduce New Philosophy Fragrance Eternal Grace

A new grace has launched, philosophy girls, and you'll only find it on QVC.

Introducing Philosophy's Eternal Grace, a crisp, contemporary scent created to energize the spirit, lighten the heart, and inspire all women. Described as "muli-dimensional", the fragrance is said to unfold numerous layers evoking a variety of emotions for the wearer as hours pass.

Youthful and uplifting Eternal Grace spray fragrance was created to take a woman on a sensory journey and leave her feeling forever young. It's a contemporary blend of philosophy's classic, clean notes, along with delicate florals and bright citrus.

At retail price the fragrance will be available for $40, however QVC is offering advance orders of the 2 oz spray bottle for the introductory price of $33.12.  Expected shipping date is June 17th. I can't wait.  I didn't even have to watch the presentation last night to know I wanted it.  QVC gave a sneak peek of the bottle; I saw it was a new "grace" from philosophy; that's all I needed to start punching keys to reserve my order! Philosophy Eternal Grace Spray Fragrance is currently exclusive to QVC.


  1. looks nice and charming... i saw more collections of skin care in one site..i would like to share that too..

  2. Interesting I love to try this also nice perfume.



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