Sunday, May 16, 2010

LuckyScent: Spring Fragrances Burst into May

These aromas of loveliness have just arrived at LuckyScent! Nothing like a new fragrance to lift the mood, excite your psyche and set your spirit to dance.

Profumum: Ninfea
Soft, powdery rose manages to evoke this delicious sense of kittenish glamour, while still feeling like a comfort scent. Ultra-feminine, but not overpowering, this sweet, cuddly floral is not a diva, but an adorable ingénue.

Penhaligons Anthology Colection: Eau de Cologne & Orange Blossom
The zesty top notes are fizzed up by pink pepper and tinged with green by a lash of cardamom and violet leaf, to conjure both the citrus and leaves of the tree. Orange Blossom has enough twists and turns to keep you interested from top notes to drydown, and feeling ravishingly romantic throughout.

The authentic, classic Eau de Cologne in all its glory: an invigorating citrus cocktail of tart lemon, sweet orange and peppery bergamot, whose aromatic facets are brought out by rosemary. Sunshine in a bottle.

Costamor: Dulcess
Sparkling pear, sweet citrus and yummy coconut are whipped into a tropical froth with a profusion of dreamy flowers – almond blossom, and delicate muguet. This delectable concoction is anchored with a mouth-watering, sandalwood-laced vanilla and a silky smooth musk that adds a sophisticated dollop of seduction. Luscious!

Yosh: Eau de Parfum collection
Be the first to experience these modernized fragrances -- subtle elegance with a spritz of panache. Yosh Eau de Parfums are blended with organic alcohol. Rediscover her collection and see how her fragrances have been transformed: Stargazer | Sottile | White Flowers | U4EAHH! | Ginger Ciao | Omniscent.

Heeley: Oranges and Lemons Say The Bells of St. Clements
A traditional Eau de Cologne reworked to create a fresh, chic and contemporary, Eau de Parfum in the aesthetic that we've come to adore from James Heeley. Oranges, lemons, and bergamot are combined with notes of Earl Grey tea and vetiver to create a new English classic.

Diptyque: Vetyverio
Ambivalence, elegance and sensuality, both masculine and feminine: Vetiver reveals the magic and beauty of an extraordinary fragrance. A perfect, summery Vetiver-- if there ever was one.

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