Friday, February 22, 2008

Lipstick Jungle Fever

Anyone else feeling the Lipstick Jungle fever?

I am. With each new episode I sense the looming addiction kicking in. Now, let me 'fess up that although I enjoyed the occasional Sex in the City episode, another Candace Bushnell creation, while in its heyday, I was never really what I consider to be a die-hard fan. I didn't HAVE TO watch it each week. This may be a different experience for me, though. I'm liking these characters more, they seem a bit more, dare I say it, mature! Well, come on ladies (and gents), it's true. There's Wendy Healy, played by Brook Shields, who not only balances a prestigious career, but so far seems to adore her husband and children - a family woman? Don't remember that kind in SITC. Magazine big-wig Nico Reilly, played by Kim Raver, who has a bit of "Samantha" in her, but not nearly as irritating, overcoming complex challenges with each new episode. Last, but certainly not least, there's Victory Ford, played by gorgeous Lindsay Price, the "single" one of the crew, but also daringly ambitious as the hot one minute, not the next fashion designer. Through her we're treated to fanciful dating escapades (this week, she jetted to Paris for a surprise visit of Coco Chanel's hideaway apartment with her paramour - played by an oddly young-looking Andrew McCarthy, remember him from Pretty in Pink? - oops, I digress). Add to the complex characters, that this show is a beauty bloggers dream - swag bags, magazine shoots, beauty editting, fashion runways ... feeling a little tingle up my spine just talking about it!

Well, I'm loving it, and that's all there is to it. Any other Lipstick Jungle lovers out there?

Wendy Healy, Nico Reilly, Victory Ford



  1. I too am addicted to this FABULOUS show! I was a total diehard Kim Raver fan during her 24 days (and I'm still hopeful for a return although I really do love her in this) and I feel like I just will not be able to miss this show any Thursdays and if I ever do, thank GOD it's available online because I will for sure be watching it on my laptop the following day. haha.

  2. I can seriously not get enough of this tv show! I was so sad and disappointed that tonight was the last for this season.. and I can't wait for it to come back for season two *crosses fingers* because I know it will. The fact that I have now started going out looking for matching purses.. shoes... earrings... and outfits.. is sad but.. in a gloriously happy kinda way. I even found a pair of shoes very close to the ones Nico Reilly wears on Bombay highway at Payless! its way awesome!


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