Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Smashbox Bionic Mascara

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Just introduced by Smashbox, this is an 'ionic' mascara (first of its kind, per Smashbox) that coats lashes with a revolutionary long-wearing, water-resistant formula for a high impact lash with a specially designed no-clump brush. The ionic technology involves attraction. The primary ingredient in BIONIC is a chain molecule with a positive charge that when swept across lashes, causes friction and a negative charge. Since opposites attract, the positively charged mascara adheres to the negatively charged lash for a dramatic effect.

Well, certainly is an interesting concept! Wonder if it will beat the dramatic effect we love so much from Lancome Definicils and their new High Definicils? Post a comment if you have experience trying this new Smashbox mascara and let us all know what you think!

You can try this new mascara for $19 at and grab a little sweet treat as well with the promo above before Valentine's day.


  1. this mascara was really good. i've been through countless mascaras, including dior, supernova, lashblast, great lash, and a TON more. i bought this before going to camp, because i needed a waterproof mascara. while it is a perfectly good mascara, it is the LEAST waterproof mascara you can buy. my dior mascara is more waterproof, and it's not even supposed to be waterproof! it also takes a long time to dry, like 10 minutes. no joke. it clumps, too, but it can be fixed with another layer of a different mascara easily, or a lash comb. this was the best THICKENING mascara i have ever bought. and it's worth it, even though it's not waterproof, takes a long time to dry, and clumps.

  2. just snagged one of these babies. i love it!

  3. it left my lashes unbelievably soft! my friend has it and whenever i'm at her house i use it because i love it so much!


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