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Pomegranate: My New Skincare Ingredient Addiction


This is a classic example of why I appreciate your sharing comments with me so much. I may have just found skincare products I want to stick with forev-a! A while back, some of you raved in the comments about the "fabulous-ness" of Pomega5, a natural, organic brand of skincare used with great results. Well, I listened, I sought, I found - and you're right!

Let's talk a bit about the fruit first. Long revered as a superbly medicinal fruit and regarded as a symbol of healing and longevity, the pomegranate is once again demonstrating its worth. You can review online and in print study after study showing the benefits of pomegranate - from consuming it as a food or juice, taking it in supplement form, to slathering its elements on your skin. Pomegranate has been found to provide one of the most potent mixtures of antioxidant compounds of any easily obtainable fruit. Some specifics about the benefits:

  • Their compounds can stimulate the human estrogen receptors that are involved with maintaining health of the bones, blood vessels and nervous tissue, even relieving symptoms of menopause (found in the juice, peel, seeds, leaves and flower)
  • The antioxidant action of the juice and its ability to interrupt inflammation has led to its modern use in treatment and prevention of many diseases such as cardiovascular diseases (stroke, heart, clogged arteries due to excessive fat deposits), prevention of prostate cancer, to promote self-destruction of human breast cancer cells and even treating inflammatory diseases such as Irritable Bowel Syndrome, arthritis, diabetes and obesity
  • Ayurvedic medicine utilizes the fruit for nourishment and restoration of the skin's balance
  • Recent studies show pomegranate extracts effective in stimulating skin's collagen production, rebuilding its outer layers, inhibiting free radicals and helping to counter daily effects of oxidation and the aging effects of too much sun exposure

We'll get into more about the specific benefits of the pomegranate ingredients in skincare in just a moment. First, I want to introduce you to two brands of skincare utilizing elements of pomegranate as the essential ingredients in their product lines - Pomega5 and Pomegranate Health. Both companies have done their homework studying the benefits of this fruit, both have a demonstrated true passion for its use, and both have produced fabulously effective product lines.

Tzeira Sofer is the founder, president and creative force behind Pomega5™. Born in Israel, Tzeira became intrigued with traditional Jewish medicine and the natural health benefits of plants and herbs at a very young age. As a practitioner in healing arts and an expert on women's health and wellness, Tzeira was driven by a vision to create an authentic, holistic line based upon the potent benefits of the pomegranate. Working with leading doctors, scientists and experts in the wellness arena, she developed the Pomega5 line of skin care treatments inspired by ancient recipes yet supported by the latest scientific research, which shows the potential of pomegranate seed oil as a broad spectrum medicinal plant supporting and maintaining breast, uterine, heart and prostate health as well as skin health and appearance. Tzeira places the highest value on the quality of her company's products, therefore the result is a completely natural, organic product line created for consumers looking to achieve a healthier skin and a healthier body.

Although the fruit originates from the Middle East, Neal Holtzman and Steve Schwartz, two driven, American entrepreneurs from Rochester, NY, started their company to harness the beneficial qualities of pomegranates specifically for health-conscious consumers. Their first products were pomegranate-based dietary supplements and their latest is an anti-aging, anti-wrinkle face cream made with cutting edge pomegranate extracts.

Now, I'd like to talk with you about the specific products in these lines I've been using or we'd be here forever. I could go on for pages about the wealth of information there is to learn about this magical fruit and its benefits (all important and very interesting). Both Pomega5 and Pomegranate Health have oodles of this information available to consumers on their websites; I encourage you to check them out. Pure cold-pressed, organic pomegranate seed oil is the golden ingredient in these skincare products. Rich in punicic acid, it is a natural phytoestrogen, powerful antioxidant, and Omega-5 conjugated fatty acid.

Pomega5 Cleansing Bar - $18
An olive oil-based, all-natural facial cleanser that gently exfoliates, nourishes and calms the skin. This natural facial cleanser is formulated using edible grade extra virgin olive oil, precious pomegranate seed oil, herbs, and bio-dynamic essential oils to cleanse and purify skin, keeping it nourished, clear and soft all day long.
  • Essential oils of myrtle and eucalyptus provide deep cleansing and disinfection
  • Omega-rich olive oil moisturizes; pomegranate seed oil protects and balances
  • Mini bark particles gently exfoliate
  • Aromatherapeutic lemongrass enlivens the senses
  • Long-lasting and lathers beautifully
  • Can be used on face and body
REVIEW: I've not used a bar to cleanse my face for years, so I was very skeptical about trying this. Ah, but this product gives wonderful results and a heavenly experience. The bar yields a luxuriously creamy lather and enlivens the senses with its lemongrass fragrance. I was also questioning about paying $18 for "a bar of soap". Yet, this is not a bar of soap; this is a divinely created cleansing bar (soap-free), very gentle on facial skin, nicely hydrating leaving skin feeling healthy, clean yet refreshed, moisturized and glowing. Additionally, the bar lasts a long time; it's not one to "melt" quickly with use. The tiny flecks of bark on the bottom add a nice exfoliation to the experience when used (you can easily avoid them too if desired).

Pomegranate Health Anti-Aging, Anti-Wrinkle Face Cream (2 oz glass jar)- $36.95
This is a premium, active skin firming complex in a silky, emollient cream, that combines the known benefits of natural pomegranate seed oil and extracts with other well-researched ingredients proven to help rebuild and rejuvenate the skin. The cream also includes:
  • Hexapeptides - chains of six amino acids that help firm and brighten the skin. They can relax the surface muscle tension that causes fine lines and also help to reduce the depth of full-fledged wrinkles. The specific hexapeptides in this product are typically found only in the finest anti-aging creams
  • Thioctic Acid (also known as Alpha Lipoic Acid) - a powerful antioxidant and anti-inflammatory that can help slow the aging process and has even been shown to prevent and reverse scar formation. Thioctic Acid is a “universal antioxidant” that is soluble both in water and lipids, and can thus more thoroughly benefit the skin
  • Laminaria Digitala Extract - a superb moisturizer that comes from brown algae. This extract contains amino acids similar to those found in human skin. It is one of the best and most easily absorbed natural skin supplements
  • Other ingredients include the pomegranate seed oil, a specially formulated pomegranate extract, Vitamins A, C and E and DMAE, a powerful amino acid that supports the integrity of cell membranes, blocks production of other acid substances, and helps prevent sagging skin and wrinkles
REVIEW: I've been using this cream in the morning and I love it! This is a lush yet not too dense, satiny cream that absorbs quickly into skin. The cream has a natural light, citrus scent. What I like most about this product, is that you can actually feel it working. Skin is instantly firmer, tighter, and hydrated. I can especially notice it working on fine lines around my eyes. Further, I feel the circulation increasing in my facial tissue shortly after applying it, yet it is not too intense and doesn't cause redness like you'd expect from a product that works in this manner. Since it's given me these results here, I've also been using it on my jiggly areas (tummy and thighs) with definite results. The skin is significantly firmer and tighter after application. I'm looking forward to some long-term results in this area (keep fingers crossed for me).

Pomega5 Revitalizing Treatment for Skin (30 Ampoules) - $48
These gems are made with 100% pure, organic healing oils to replenish and restore dehydrated or lackluster skin and help minimize the appearance of fine lines. Lightly scented with mandarin essential oil, this gentle, non-greasy blend of ingredients absorbs readily into skin, leaving it supple, smooth, and lustrously nourished.
  • Antioxidant pomegranate seed oil fights free radicals, hydrates and protects
  • Rosehip oil naturally supports regeneration of skin cells, elasticity and firmness
  • Calendula oil, a natural anti-inflammatory, soothes dry and damaged skin, reduces puffiness
  • Jojoba oil deeply moisturizes and transforms appearance of pore size
  • Convenient, single-use application ampoules
REVIEW: You're ensured a fresh, active supply of this treatment liquid since contained in the gel-like ampoules. Simply twist off the tip and squeeze onto fingers, patting into skin. There is plenty in one dose to cover your face as well as neck and decollete'. I generally have a little left, which I drop onto my hands to give them the nutrient and healing benefits of this elixir. My skin is noticeably brighter, smoother and more healthy looking when I wake in the morning after applying this under moisturizer before bed. I've been using them about three times a week, but you can use more often if your skin is overly dry or mature. Despite some oily tendency in my skin overnight, I've not noticed any increase in oil and have had zero breakouts since using the whole regimen in general.

Pomega5 Revitalizing Essential Moisture (50ml) - $48
Rich in nourishing fatty acids and essential oils, this deliciously-fragrant cream feels soft and silky to the touch, yet absorbs immediately to leave skin with a healthy glow and renewed freshness. Pomegranate seed oil, bearberry and bilberry - natural clearing agents - work to clarify skin and protect against environmental damage, making this moisturizer a good match for oily, problem skin.
  • Bearberry disinfects, clarifies and lightens
  • Bilberry gently exfoliates and soothes inflamed skin
  • Wild Moroccan argan nourishes, softens and renews elasticity
  • Nutrient-rich horsetail firms and revitalizes at the cellular level
  • Lightweight texture makes this cream perfect for daytime use
REVIEW: Ok, let me just say that when I found I was using a product with pomegranate seed oil, argan oil and horsetail extract combined I was ecstatic. Magazines, skincare companies, celebrities and health sites galore have been singing the praises of the highly acclaimed and rare argan oil (Josie Maran most recently is extolling its praises) and we've known for a few years now the benefits of horsetail extract as a firming agent (it's the key ingredient in my beloved Piaffe Velvet Body Creme) - but these in addition to the pomegranate seed oil in one product? Hurray and hallelujah! Ok, ok ... forgive me a second while I ground myself.

Now, this is a truly decadent, rich cream (I know it says it's the lighter of their creams, but trust me on this - it's luxury in a bottle). This is my new night cream. The product remains pure and untainted inside its pump dispenser bottle. It smells lightly of citrus (much lighter even than the cleansing bar). Using this moisturizer makes me feel as if I've come from receiving a high-priced facial. It truly is effective at reducing wrinkles, hydrating delicate skin, and brightening the face, neck and decollete' areas (significantly in fact). My skin hasn't looked or felt this firm and healthy in a long, long time.

You should know all the products discussed are organic and free from parabens, and anything petroleum or animal-derived; they contain no fillers, synthetic chemicals or artificial fragrances. I really have to give credit to the use of all four of these products combined for my new found glowing skin. Those who know me can attest to the fact that I never stick to just one brand's skincare regimen. I vacillate between many brands and products continuously - I just love trying new skincare. However, I can tell you without hesitation that I have found a regimen I am happy (delighted even) to call "my regimen" in these products from Pomega5 and Pomegranate Health!

I definitely encourage anyone who wants gorgeous, fabulous skin (and who doesn't) to give these products a try. Both have a number of different trial and promo offers on their sites right now giving you the opportunity to get your hands on them without a hefty cost. Do it! These are small, fairly new, independent companies, so they'll want to know where you heard about them - let 'em know you read about it here. They'll be happy to know the word is getting out.

For more information, please visit Pomega5 and Pomegranate Health.


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