Sunday, January 3, 2010

DuWop Madness: 50 - 75% Off Select Items Stock Up!

Craziness is going on this week over at DuWop. The brand that introduced the world to bee-stung lips is offering 75% off many vintage items (don't get too excited; it doesn't include lip venom and the more popular products) and 50% off their Crushed Velvet Eyes the whole month of January. Need more incentive, get 10% off ANY one item through 1/5/10.

Better hurry if you want to take advantage as lots is selling out quickly, as you might imagine. Here's what I spied and buyed. (ok, give me my little new year rhyme even if not grammatically correct)

DuWop Butterfly Kisses Gloss Set

Butterfly Kisses Venom Gloss Set (reg. $20) in Tulip, Buttercup (my fave of their glosses) and Lantana (my second fave of all their glosses). These classics are always around me, tucked into office drawers, handbags and around the house. Sale price - $5.00 (yowza!)

DuWop Realipsticks - Marlene

Realipsticks (reg. $18) packed with the most beneficial qualities simplifying your search for a fabulous lipstick. The velvety formula is long-lasting, providing rich, full, lustrous coverage. Realipsticks are infused with antioxidants while jojoba and grape seed oil provide moisturizing, conditioning coverage plus protection against UV rays. Sale price - $4.50

Shadowlift (reg $29) in Phoenix (pale violet), Sun (coppery gold) and Tide (shimmering gray); revolutionary anti-aging and skin perfecting ingredients, gorgeous pigment, and fine shimmer, Shadowlift helps firm the eyelid and provides a creamy, shimmery, finish with beautiful color. Sale price - $7.25

Neutral Lip Pencils (reg. $10 each) help you create plump lips that are beautifully defined. These silky smooth pencils work as a base for your lipstick and gloss, helping them last longer. They also protect your lips from the sun with SPF, and plump and smooth them with Kombuchka™, a natural ingredient that restores volume to the skin in areas where more volume is needed. Shades are (from L-R above) Idle, Justice, Neutron, Teardrop. Sale price - $4.50 each

Revolotion (reg. $25) in light and deep available; a breakthrough blend of moisturizers, SPF 15 and sheer body makeup that leaves skin sexy and glowing in its original formula. Sale price - $6.25

Revolotion Face (reg. $29) is a sheer lightweight moisturizer that has the perfect blend of color, SPF 15, hydrating moisturizers, and light reflecting pigment that leaves you with a flawless, natural looking, radiant complexion. The velvety formula for Revolotion Face helps eliminate redness and conceal discoloration for even-looking skin, and can be used liberally around the face without settling into fine lines and creases. The light reflecting pigment works with a satin matte finish to give you a balanced look that is never greasy and helps conceal fine lines. Shades available are: Nanci, Caitlin, Laura C, Conchita, Sally and Lauren. Sale price - $7.25

Elixirstix (reg. $22 ) DuWop collaborated with e•lix•r Tonics & Teas to create Elixrstix, a beauty experience unlike any other. Blending the healthy elements of the e•lix•r tonic with the aesthetic beauty benefits of a gorgeous, non-sticky lip gloss, Elixrstix provides moisturizing coverage, giving a gorgeous glow of color while delighting the palate.With healthy hues in shades (from L-R above) Serenity, Harmony and Energy available. Sale price - $5.50

DuWop Eye Duets - ChaiDuWop Eye Duets - LemongrassDuWop Eye Duets - Chamomile

Eye Duets (reg $17) sets of harmonious duos in velvety powder formulas, Duet eyeshadows are a symphony of warm, bright, cool, and quiet shades that can be paired or worn separately in these shades: (L-R above) Chai, Lemongrass and Chamomile. Sale price - $4.25

There's lots more at discounted pricing and don't forget you can also take 10% a product of your choice with code: NEWYEAR if purchased before 1/5/10. Vintage products and Crushed Velvet Eye Kit on sale through January 31st. Shop DuWop for more information.

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