Saturday, January 2, 2010

Philosophy: Look What's Coming Soon ... Oh Yeah!

Philosophy has some fab new products coming soon. You'll be able to get them at QVC before anywhere else. In fact, while shopping at my local Sephora over the holidays, I inquired of the salesperson about Miracle Worker, philosophy's newest anti-aging moisturizer. She looked at me as though I was from another planet and rather snottily retorted, "We're not even being trained on that until March. How do you know about it?"

Oy veh ... really, chicka? The nerve of me to be in-the-know about an upcoming beauty product as a mere lay person, blogger even worse. Well, get over it! QVC is famous for bringing products to their audiences before other retailers get them, and I'm thrilled to have learned about these to share with all my readers.

Miracle Worker
Believe in miracles. This ultra-lightweight cream goes on like liquid satin as it deeply moisturizes, firms, and helps prevent the premature signs of aging. A unique complex helps the formulation bind hydration to the skin, leaving it looking visibly renewed while feeling replenished and satiny smooth. Apply after cleansing in the morning or evening for maximum results. 2 oz $55
Get it at an introductory price this weekend for $49.98

The Color of Grace
This light pink liquid illuminator that combines skin-loving moisture and brightening botanicals for skin that looks brighter, fresher, angelic, and inspired. Ideal for all skin types and anyone who wants instant luminosity. Show your skin in the best light. Grace heavenly light is a light pink liquid illuminator that helps hydrate, smooth, and protect the skin, while reviving your complexion and restoring radiance. The product contains a flow-through brush for easy, mess-free application. Wear it alone, over makeup, or blended with foundation for skin that looks luminous and heavenly. 1 oz $28

Unconditional Love 3-in-1
Infused with the newest philosophy fragrance, the soulful, passionate, enduring scent of unconditional love in a luxurious shampoo, bath, and shower gel was created to make a woman feel surrounded by love and happiness from head to toe. Unconditional love perfumed shampoo, bubble bath, and shower gel gently cleanses, conditions, and softens skin and hair for a truly enduring experience. 16 oz $22
Also available in the Perfumed Firming Body Emlusion, 16 oz $34

Hope Springs Eternal
This is an ultra-fine, hydrating mist that helps replenish skin's moisture level to revitalize and restore skin, while enhancing your sense of well-being with a fresh, invigorating scent. Formulated with rejuvenating properties of the deep sea, hope springs eternal topically feeds your skin healthy nutrients for a healthy glow. This instant skin pick-me-up is infused with hyaluronic acid to bathe the skin in hydration. We suggest that you use this several times a day to maintain a gorgeous, timeless complexion. 5 oz $20

As I mentioned, some of these newer products aren't available anywhere but QVC right now. Tune in for all the deets this weekend on QVC or visit them online at

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