Friday, January 1, 2010

REVIEW: Tallulah Jane Natural Perfumes

Tallulah, 333 and Gotham

From New York City based indie perfume house Tallulah Jane comes a trio of beautiful fragrances that embrace the centuries-old craft of Bourbon perfumeries but with a bold, modern edge.

Blended with botanical essences, resins and balsams, Tallulah Jane scents are an ever-evolving olfactory experience. Ethically chosen organic and wild crafted oils are mixed together in certified organic grape alcohol or jojoba, then hand poured in small batches. No two vintages are exactly alike, so your Tallulah Jane scent is categorically unique, as if designed by nature - especially for you.

Soooo ... the "scrumptiousness" of these fragrant elixirs is not to be missed. Each evokes its very own emotion and experience, and I've found that the perfumes take on a special individuality for each who wears them. In other words, you'll not find any of the three smell the same on your friend as on you.

I know, you may say, "Well this is the case with many fragrances."

Perhaps, but these blends are especially personal. Each bonds with the wearer creating a symphonic aroma that lingers ethereally in the air. The packaging is quite sweet in its minimalist, linear bottles with decorative elegant stars and scripted writing. The bottles include a rollerball making application very easy and fun. I've been enjoying each of the three, but my favorite way to wear them is to layer Tallulah with Gotham. The blend is what I'd describe in my very amateurish way as spicy-floral. The fragrances are all very organic in scent. What I mean by that, is they each have an earthy quality to them. The essence of each note is clearly depicted on examining the aroma. However, these perfumes are to be enjoyed for their wholeness and uniqueness rather than to be picked apart for characterstics of their individual notes.

Tallulah - the signature scent, creamy jasmine notes flirt with heady tuberose for a scent that is timeless yet nouveau. I've never smelled a jasmine perfume quite as exquisite as this one ... smelling it now ... mmmmmmmmmm, so heavenly!

333 - an exquisite triple threat: three different types of chamomile and lavender are combined with three essences of citrus tree, neroli, petitgrain and bitter orange.

Gotham - a sparkling, earthy oriental, deep and sexy, yet bright and crisp. Equal parts Bloomsbury and Bay of Bengal, this scent is a blend of exotic spices and rose, rounded off with the earthy depth of patchouli. I adore this one!

It's really hard to choose a favorite. Each is so different yet so sublime. All Tallulah Jane fragrances are 100% vegan.

Tallulah Jane Natural Perfumes are available at the equally exquisite Spirit Beauty Lounge. Each 8ml bottle retails for $58.

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  1. love 333 it is so versatile, I was looking for something fresh with a hint of floral and 333 is that!

  2. Thank you for reviewing a scent that deserves more recognition than it gets!

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