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Saturday, May 29, 2010

40th Anniversary in Fashion: Roberto Cavalli's Fashion Circus

On the 40th anniversary of his label, Roberto Cavalli reveals to Harper’s Bazaar why leopard is lovely, imitation is unflattering, and the party should never end.

Cavalli, pictured above with his wife, Eva, their son, Daniele, their flamboyant friends, as well as a lion cub, at their home in Florence, Italy, shares what he loves about women, why he thinks he's a "typical man" and more in June's issue of Harper Bazaar featuring Katherine Heigl on the cover.

Harper's Bazaar Article, Laura Brown (author)

The genius of Roberto Cavalli is that he lives exactly as he should. He is not a subtle man, and he doesn't make subtle clothes. Cavalli lives a leopard-print life.

Take, for example, his casa on a hill overlooking Florence, Italy. A 14th-century watchtower, it has four birdcages housing colorful macaws and a hysterical cockatoo, dozens of crystal balls, walls of classical portraits, a Julian Schnabel plate painting of his wife, Eva, a cellar full of Cavalli wine and Cavalli vodka, a tanning machine, and a bedazzled motorbike. Down the hill is Cavalli's ultramodern photo studio, a techtastic palace with light-up floors.

On fall’s low-key tailoring: “Minimalism is so boring.”

On other designers taking inspiration from his trademark ideas: “In the beginning, when people copied me I was happy.”
But now, “I can understand when H&M or Zara copies me, but I hate it when big designers copy me. You have a big name, you should never copy me.”

On the provenance of his trademark leopard print: “God created such a fantastic world. Leopard is an animal design, and my designs come from nature.”

On his love for fashion, and for women: “Of course I think about a beautiful woman to dress, because that’s my way,” he says with a shrug.
Is there a difference? “Yes,” he says. “I don’t masturbate thinking about fashion.”

On what he loves about women: “Their eyes. A woman can drive me crazy with her eyes. And when they don’t pay attention to me, they drive me crazy too.” “I am a completely typical man.”

Photo credit: Jason Schmidt; article: Harper's Bazaar (June 2010)

Global Green Reacts to BP Gulf Oil Spill

Well, as many of you know I live in New Orleans. So to say the BP oil fiasco hits close to home is more than just a play on words, it actually HITS home.  As such, please allow me to veer away from the normal subject matter in order to share a piece on Global Green's outreach to this situation. I'm very thankful for their help and the attention they've shown us, and this is my small way of getting the word out!

Thank you, Matt Petersen and the whole Global Green Family!

What follows is a message from Matt Petersen of Global Green:

Like most Americans, I continue to be depressed and angered by BP's wholly inadequate response to the tragic BP oil spill, despoiling the Gulf Coast and wetlands of Louisiana.

Hopefully, the 'top kill' works to stop the continued leak. But if that succeeds, its only the beginning of what will take years, if not decades, to recover from the worst oil spill in history. The worst environmental disaster in our nation's history.

It is all hands on deck time -- for stopping the spill, cleaning it up, holding BP accountable (and not allowing it to hide behind semantics of "legitimate claims" to avoid making good on their commitment to cover the costs of the spill), and reducing our oil dependency while creating a cleaner, greener future.

As you may know, Global Green and the Commercial Fishermen of America recently organized a community event to send a “human text message” to BP, President Obama, and Congress about their concern and anger about the BP Oil Spill. This was just days before oil hit their community's beaches and nearby wetlands. Watch video from the event (also available below).

They said "NEVER AGAIN." We must join with them in sending this message to BP and the oil industry, as well as to Congress and the federal government.

Margaret Curole, a local resident and board member of Commercial Fisherman of America, shared with me the sentiment in Grand Isle yesterday:
“Everyone's tempers are flaring over the...inability to recognize the importance of urgent action, but after Katrina I have no idea why we should expect different. The beach where we took the picture is closed and I couldn't get close.”
Global Green is continuing to document the impacts of the spill on the Gulf Community, helping to rally emergency food relief efforts for the impacted communities of the Gulf, calling for more regulation of the oil industry and increasing investment in renewable energy and clean technologies. We also must demand that BP pay every penny owed as the ecosystems and communities recover.

If you’d like to help with our efforts, please donate here. You can also read more about the impacts on the Gulf Coast community on our blog.

With President Obama visiting New Orleans today (5/28/20), we’ve prepared a statement which I wanted to share with you.
In part: --> "We call on President Obama to recognize the level of desperation and suffering the Louisiana economy, communities, wetlands and marine life – which provide much of our nation’s energy and food, as well as critical ecosystems and species that make life as we know it possible -- are experiencing, and take action commensurate to the problem.
We hope he – and Congress – hears the voices which are saying 'never again'. "
Let’s all join the Gulf Coast communities in saying, NEVER AGAIN.
Matt Petersen Signature_small
Matt Petersen
President & CEO

Monday, May 24, 2010

Toss in a Free Refill on Bond No. 9

Who says luxury has to cost a lot? How about getting a little luxury for free when you show your loyalty to one of the nation's top perfume houses? Sound too good to be true? Well, what if I tell you the luxury is a complimentary refill of your favorite Bond No. 9? Mmmmmm ...

Alright, enough with the questions, the teasers, the build-up, and onto the news!
Bond No. 9 truly does appreciate their customers' loyalty.  They value it so much they're giving away a free refill of gorgeous perfume to those who purchase any two Bond No. 9 items (except pocket sprays & soaps) now through Saturday, June 5th.

By any measure, this is a fantastic value, and both you and Bond No. 9 will be contributing to an eco-smart planet through the refill. Yay!  A win-win ... I love when that happens.

So, the hard part will be deciding upon which two items to buy.  Here, a sampling of some "gorgeousness" that just may strike your fancy:


  •  High Line Eau de Parfum - The scent of bergamot, purple love grass, Indian rhubarb, red leaf rose, tulip, grape hyacinth, wildflowers, green grasses and bur oak … and urban renewal (was new to counters in March). 50 ml $145, 100 ml $220
  • The Scent of Peace Candle - Sparkling grapefruit, black currant, lily of the valley, mellowed with base notes of cedarwood and musk. $95
  • Chinatown Body Silk - The unspeakably lush cream is a sumptuous body smoother that simultaneously soothes the skin; rich in perfume with notes of peach blossoms, gardenia, tuberose, patchouli, cardamom. 200 ml $115



Also, be sure to be on the lookout for Bond No. 9's newest fragrance launch Andy Warhol Montauk in June 2010, just in time for Father's Day.  An androgynous male-female perfume, fresh and tangy initial flavors of blueberry and wild bergamot give way, first to sultry, sexy hyacinth, lily of the valley, and honeysuckle, and then to rich, clean forest-by-the-sea aromas—silver maple, red oak, driftwood, and amber.



Visit Bond No. 9 online for more information and to shop their fabulous library of fragrances.

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Eat, Pray, Love Lancome's Newest Pretty Woman Ambassadress on Oprah Monday!

Actress Julia Roberts, known around the world for her talent, charm and smile, is the newest Lancôme ambassadress.  Take a look at Lancome online and peek at some of her favorite products: Dual Finish Versatile Powder Makeup in Matte Linen I, Definicils High Definition Mascara in Black and L'Absolu RougeAdvanced Replenishing & Reshaping Lipcolor Pro-Xylane SPF 12 Sunscreen in Fleur Impressioniste.

Julia will be on Oprah Monday, May 24th talking about her highly anticipated adaption of "Eat, Pray, Love," which by the way I am chomping at the bit to see! I mean, seriously cannot wait for this to come out. 

Eat, Pray, Love is one of those books that has the ability to completely change the reader's life.  Written by author Elizabeth Gilbert, the best-selling memoir takes us along for what becomes a very personal, spiritual journey.

Liz Gilbert (Julia Roberts) had everything a modern woman was supposed to dream of having - a husband, a house, a successful career - yet like so many others, she found herself lost, confused, and searching for what she really wanted in life. Newly divorced and at a crossroads, Gilbert steps out of her comfort zone, risking everything to change her life, embarking on a journey around the world that becomes a quest for self-discovery. One might say, the female version of the sterotypical male mid-life crisis. In her travels, she discovers the true pleasure of nourishment by eating in Italy; the power of prayer in India; and finally and unexpectedly, the inner peace and balance of true love in Bali.  Eat, Pray, Love proves there really is more than one way to let yourself go and see the world.

Eat, Pray, Love ... Let Yourself Go! The film stars Julia Roberts, James Franco, Richard Jenkins, Viola Davis, Billy Crudup and Javier Bardem. Adapted to film by Sony Pictures and directed by Ryan Murphy, it will open in theatres August 13, 2010

Timely, isn't it? As the summer begins to set and autumn's trees and foliage soon change colors in preparation for the death of one period and the gestation of another full of promise and rejuvenation. Well, while you're waiting for what hopes to be a spectacular film experience, tune in to Oprah Monday and hear what Julia has to share about marriage, family, her new film and hopefully some deliciousness about her new role as Lancome ambassadress.

For more information about Julia's confident, naturally elegant look, visit Lancome USA online for the products, how-to tips and the behind-the-scenes video.

GILT GROUPE: Cynthia Rowley On Sale Tonight!

Who doesn't love a quick Sunday evening shopping spree of fashion's elite designs deeply discounted all from the comfort of your own home? Poor yourself a glass of wine and enjoy!

Gilt Groupe brings us Cynthia Rowley starting at 8 pm CT tonight.

Cynthia Rowley was seven when she constructed her first dress, and as a senior at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago, she sold her first collection, consisting of eight pieces, to some of New York’s most prestigious stores. Today, Rowley is one of the most recognized personalities in fashion, having been honored by the CFDA and boasting appearances on Oprah and Letterman. Her girlish but sleek designs have been featured in Harper’s Bazaar, W and Vogue.

Peekaboo mesh, ribbons and satin-y flounces are a few of the design details on the party-perfect lineup from this master dressmaker. There are plenty of little black dresses and you’ll want to get your hands on every girly iteration. For a bit of color therapy, these fuchsia wrap skirts and printed taffeta shorts are just the things to bring the happy.

Cynthia Rowley on SALE Sunday, May 23rd!

REVIEW: Infusion Organique Sands of Morocco Parfum

Exotic and sweet!

Sands of Morocco is blended using fresh vanilla first brought to Morocco by the French in the time of the Berber Kings and incorporates aromatic sandalwood and warm oak moss with a touch of organic lemongrass oil and ylang-ylang to create a warm, rich scent drenched in sweetness.

If you're one who likes a subtle fragrance, this is not for you. However, if you're of the variety who adores being transported with one slow inhalation to lands exotic, where images of robed men and women atop camels crossing the ancient Sahara bearing spice-filled ceramic bowls laden in gold and hand-laid enamel, then Sands of Morocco is your magical elixir.  With its warmth, sweet, rich character, this is a decidedly autumn/winter scent, though those of you living in cool, moderate climates yearlong may be able to indulge in this exotic aroma with more regularity.

Top: tangy lemon zests
Middle: delicate lily of the valley, sweet rose blossoms, ylang-ylang
Bottom: creamy french vanilla, exotic musk, sensual sandalwood, warm oakmoss

Infusion Organique's packaging is exquisite. In fact, their beautiful bottles, containers and boxes may call to you before you even have a chance to breathe in their aromatic scents. The brand is the passionate brainchild of industry veterans Ron Chavers and Carole Vialars, brought to visual life under the astute art direction of Carole's sister, Gladys.

They are quick to point out that their products are not 100% organic (insomuchas losing even a bit of efficacy was not in their mantra), but are paraben and sulfate free and infused with organic botanicals, fruit extracts and leading-edge scent/science skincare. These scents are not quick to fade so a little dab on pulse points will linger for hours upon your skin.

Infusion Organique offers four scents currently; in addition to Sands of Morocco there are:
  • Buddha's Fig - infused with certified organic fig extract, rose-geranium essence, organic lemongrass oil and blended with essences of wood and amber
  • Indochine - combines kumquat (Chinese for "golden orange") with peach, water lily, jasmine, muguet and vanilla, as well as certified organic grapefruit extract and ylang-ylang essential oils
  • Acai Rain - infused with tart berry accords of certified organic acai extract and sparkling organic orange oil with a blending of natural raspberry and currant, white peach, fresh greens and organic vanilla extract

Each scent is available in a petit parfum ($35), hand soap ($18), hand & body lotion ($20), home fragrance ($18), candle ($38) and scent diffuser ($56/$90).

For more information on the brand, visit Infusion Organique online and to shop their selection of beautifully fragranced products, visit b-glowing and Apothia.

images: Infusion Organique

LUCKYMAG GIVEAWAY: Enter to Win One of 40 Shopping Sprees

We all know the selection at is staggering: more than 250 brands, from high-tech skincare (Perricone MD, Kinerase, Peter Thomas Roth) to lavish perfumes and beautifully packaged gifts (like the lovely Fresh soap you see here). There’s also an impressive natural section, with sleek eco lines such as Origins, Intelligent Nutrients, and Ren Skincare (love all three of those brands by the way). And we love the new iPhone app, which effectively allows you to shop...anywhere. Get out! Really?

Lucky Mag always brings the goods and the month of June will be no different. Enter now for your chance to win one of 40 fantastic shopping sprees worth $250. Contest ends June 28, 2010.

Click HERE to enter!

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Gorgeous: YSL Summer Look 2010 SOLARIS

Right on trend, YSL features a rocking turquoise lined eye using Fard Lumiere Aquaresistant Water Resistant Cream Eyeshadow in # Riviera Blue for SOLARIS, their Summer 2010 makeup look, and as usual, it's gorge! My other fave from the summer collection? That juicy looking lip achieved by applying Gloss Pur Pure Lip Gloss in #8 Pure Watermelon.

Free and passionate, the Yves Saint Laurent woman plunges into a new adventure of sun, sensual and exotic. Born of the elements her essential and solar beauty is a force of nature. Summer Look 'SOLARIS' 2010


New basic products


N° 1 - Sand
N° 2 - Copper Sand
N° 3 - Golden Sand

Limited edition shades


ROUGE PURE SHINE N° 93 - Pink Lychee $30
ROUGE PURE SHINE N° 94 - Blood Orange

LA LAQUE N° 142 - Ultra Orange $20
LA LAQUE N° 42 - Ultra Violet

New basic shades


GLOSS PUR N° 7 - Pure Sorbet $30
GLOSS PUR N° 8 - Pure Watermelon
GLOSS PUR N° 9 - Pure Hibiscus
GLOSS PUR N° 10 - Pure Redcurrant

Additional shades

TOUCHE ÉCLAT N° 3 - Light Peach $40

OMBRE SOLO N° 6 - Pink Nude $30
DESSIN DU REGARD N° 3 - Oriental Blue $28
DESSIN DU REGARD N° 6 - Hazelnut Brown $28

For more information and to shop the YSL SOLARIS Summer Look 2010, please visit YSL Beauty.

Enjoy 20% Off Philosophy with Friends & Family Event

LuckyScent: Spring Fragrances Burst into May

These aromas of loveliness have just arrived at LuckyScent! Nothing like a new fragrance to lift the mood, excite your psyche and set your spirit to dance.

Profumum: Ninfea
Soft, powdery rose manages to evoke this delicious sense of kittenish glamour, while still feeling like a comfort scent. Ultra-feminine, but not overpowering, this sweet, cuddly floral is not a diva, but an adorable ingénue.

Penhaligons Anthology Colection: Eau de Cologne & Orange Blossom
The zesty top notes are fizzed up by pink pepper and tinged with green by a lash of cardamom and violet leaf, to conjure both the citrus and leaves of the tree. Orange Blossom has enough twists and turns to keep you interested from top notes to drydown, and feeling ravishingly romantic throughout.

The authentic, classic Eau de Cologne in all its glory: an invigorating citrus cocktail of tart lemon, sweet orange and peppery bergamot, whose aromatic facets are brought out by rosemary. Sunshine in a bottle.

Costamor: Dulcess
Sparkling pear, sweet citrus and yummy coconut are whipped into a tropical froth with a profusion of dreamy flowers – almond blossom, and delicate muguet. This delectable concoction is anchored with a mouth-watering, sandalwood-laced vanilla and a silky smooth musk that adds a sophisticated dollop of seduction. Luscious!

Yosh: Eau de Parfum collection
Be the first to experience these modernized fragrances -- subtle elegance with a spritz of panache. Yosh Eau de Parfums are blended with organic alcohol. Rediscover her collection and see how her fragrances have been transformed: Stargazer | Sottile | White Flowers | U4EAHH! | Ginger Ciao | Omniscent.

Heeley: Oranges and Lemons Say The Bells of St. Clements
A traditional Eau de Cologne reworked to create a fresh, chic and contemporary, Eau de Parfum in the aesthetic that we've come to adore from James Heeley. Oranges, lemons, and bergamot are combined with notes of Earl Grey tea and vetiver to create a new English classic.

Diptyque: Vetyverio
Ambivalence, elegance and sensuality, both masculine and feminine: Vetiver reveals the magic and beauty of an extraordinary fragrance. A perfect, summery Vetiver-- if there ever was one.

Receive Free Fedex Ground shipping (Continental US only) on any order $75 and over.

Use promo code: 10may. Offer good thru 5/31/10.

Free shipping offer cannot be combined with other promotions. Shop Luckyscent for more information, more fragrance indulgence and all the scoop of some new possible faves.

Ron Robinson Introduces Limited Edition Child Perfume

Limited Edition Child Perfume Spray

Simply the best CHILD ever. Same sexy and sensual scent! Limited Edition look.

RON ROBINSON introduces the exclusive Limited Edition Child Perfume Spray. Same fragrance, new look! The Limited Edition bag is very durable, yet very elegant and modern. Now you can spray on the love with this intoxicating exotic flower elixir. So elusive and exclusive, this new CHILD Limited Edition Spray comes with signed and numbered individual authenticity card and a luxury sample vial of Child Oil.

The Limited Edition Child Perfume Red retails for $175.  Shop Ron Robinson's APOTHIA Beauty online for more information and a delicious shopping experience!

Shop ULTA and Get a Goody Bag Filled with Lots of Lovely Samples

Here's the biggest ULTA Sample Giveaway of the season.  Receive 14 free deluxe samples in an airline approved cosmetic bag with your online ULTA purchase of just $25 or more. Wow!  That's pretty tempting.

Want some ideas on products to consider to score that GWP?  Watch ULTA's makeup artists create magic with this how-to video transforming model Mona's look to smokey and sun-kissed.  They'll tell you what products they used as well as how to apply them.

Shop ULTA for more information and to take advantage of this fab little goody bag offer! May not be combined with other offers. Be sure to add the sample bag to your cart before checking out. Offer good through midnight on Saturday, May 22, 2010 or while suppplies last.

Saturday, May 15, 2010

REVIEW: New! Wei East China Herbal Advance Eyes Alive

I discovered Wei East skincare several years ago (well, perhaps a little longer than several, the older I get the quicker time goes by). My first Wei East love was their China Lotus Anti-Aging Masque, which remains the creamiest, most hydrating and soothing facial masque I've tried to this day.  I was intrigued by Wei East's sparkly, energetic, charismatic founder Wei Brian. That's what first drew me to want to try her products. There she was, peddling skincare made from ancient Chinese recipes loaded with herbs and botanicals on HSN (yes, the shopping network) long before botanical, natural ingredients in skincare was, well, cool!

Since those days, HSN has come a long way in provision of the ultimate in beauty must-haves and Wei Brian has continued to expand her much adored skincare line, all the while staying true to her premise that ancient Chinese remedies passed down for generations from mother to child and nature's flora and herbal wonders are what make life worth living, and what make skin beautiful.

I admire Wei for holding true to her heritage, for allowing her love of nature and beauty to drive her purpose and mission; oh yes, it is a mission and Wei represents it well. And is if I needed more reason to admire her, allow me to add yet one more; one that demonstrates her grace and one that deserves respect. Wei makes no secret of the fact that she and her family have struggled to find help for her son diagnosed with autism at the age of six. Through a journey that led them through various Western and Eastern treatment modalities, they have seen some light, where once there was only mysterious darkness, and are hopeful and confident about continued improvements and progress in the treatment of autism. As one who works specifically in the field of mental health for very young children, I know how devastating this disorder can be for families and how important it is to support continued research for its treatment. To help bring "rainbows" to families affected by autism, Wei created a special WE Help Bring Hope collection to support the work of The Autism Treatment Center of America™ and Autism Speaks™ . Collection by collection, box by box, they donate the entire purchase price of the collection ($70) to these organizations. Incredible!

So, I know I've digressed, but if I'm going to feature an article on a Wei East product, I simply cannot do it justice without sharing the depth of beauty of its founder and creator.

Now onto New! China Herbal Advance Eyes Alive: Wei's new China Herbal formulas feature breakthrough technology that allows scientists to extract properties from herbs in ancient Chinese remedies with greater precision and deliver them directly to your skin. Using only the freshest, hand-harvested Green Tea from China's remote Lushan region, they use advanced extraction technology to deliver both immediate and long-term benefits to the thin, vulnerable skin around the eye area.

Combined with Mulberry Leaf and Soy this new formula is said to provide visible results within minutes of application and to diminish the appearance of puffiness, dark circles, fine lines and crepiness over time, and for me it has. The cream has a light, silky texture that absorbs effortlessly making application comfortable and efficient. As a little goes a long way, just a tiny pea size or so is needed each application. Just gently tap onto the undereye area with your ring finger. The scent is very light, subtle and herbal so as not to overpower the sensitive nasal passages close to the eyes. I've found this cream to be very soothing to my undereye area and I've noticed a brightening effect for sure where once only purplish, dark circles appeared at the inner corners closest to my nose. I'm enjoying this product immensely. A bit hard to explain or pinpoint but it just "feels good!"

This is a huge tube of eye cream compared to most eye creams you'll find on the market at a whopping .7 ounce and retails for $35. Compare that to some of these: Murad Lighten & Brighten (.5 oz $67), Relastin Eye Silk (.5 oz $69, which I do still love by the way), SkinCeuticals Eye Blam (.5 oz $78),  Hylexin (.78 oz $95), Bliss The Youth As We Know It Eye Cream (.5 oz $75), Philosophy Hope in a Tube (.5 oz $33).

For more information about Wei and Wei East products, please visit Wei East online or  There, you'll find incredible specials on beauty and skincare kits as well as the inside story behind all her wonderful products individually.

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Annie Lennox and Alice Temperley Collaborate to Benefit 'The Circle' + Oxfam

Do you love Annie like I love Annie? Do you love Alice like I love Alice?

Well, I love them is all. Both of  'em. Annie and Alice. Alice and Annie. (I think I'm on to something here...)

Anywho, the Annie I refer to is the incomparable songbird Annie Lennox, and Alice is none other than the exquisitely talented fashionista Alice Temperley. Designer Alice Temperley took a new direction with her Temperley London seasonal installation in New York February 2010, reinterpreting some of the late Norman Parkinson’s photographs with the help of photographer Adam Whitehead. The images feature 16 modern British icons who define True British style and glamour – including Annie Lennox, Liberty Ross, Rosamund Pike, Sophie Dahl, Yasmin Le Bon, Laura Bailey and Jacquetta Wheeler.

The resulting images have been printed life size on canvas and then hand-embroidered and embellished with the same techniques used in the collection pieces. The canvases will be auctioned off in London on 18th May 2010 with all proceeds going to ‘The Circle’ who will distribute to an Oxfam project, chosen by Alice in order to support women in West Africa.

Alice was inspired to help fund an Oxfam project after she was invited by Annie Lennox to attend a ‘Circle’ dinner. The Circle is a group of high-profile women who have come together to use their valuable ideas, experience and contacts to give partnership and support to the world’s poorest women. Circle friends include Annie Lennox, Jane Shepherdson, Vanessa Emilien, Vanessa Branson, Livia Firth, Sojin Lee, Beverley Knight, Zoe Ball, Melanie Hall, Maryam D’Abo, Karen Benhamou Ruimy, Alice Temperley and Kim Chappell.

Click here to read the ‘True British’ auction catalogue which includes images of the canvases, statements from both Alice and Annie about the project and an absentee bidding form for the auction.

source: Ultimate Eurythmics; images: Temerpley London

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

HAUTELOOK: Sevin Nyne Self-Tanning Sensation - On Sale!

Entrepreneur, actress, singer and style icon Lindsay Lohan always seems to have the perfect tan, but she knows better than to bake her sensitive skin in the sun. Over the years, Lindsay tried every sunless tanning product on the market, but she never found one she loved until she met celebrity airbrush tanner expert Lorit Simon.

"I have tried every tanning product on the market and worked with the best tanners in the business. When Lorit and I met, we thought it would be great to bring a quality product at a reasonable price to the market so everyone could enjoy a professional spray tan," Lohan says.

Lorit loved the look of a deep suntan, but her pale skin kept her in the shade. She began experimenting with tanning solutions when she was in her teens, and by the time she reached her 20s she had become a highly sought-after airbrush tanner to the stars.
Now, three years in the making, Sevin Nyne Tanning Mist is Lindsay and Lorit’s way of bottling the magic of a perfect tan.

Infused with goji berry extract, known for its powerful antioxidant properties, and chardonnay extracts to keep the skin hydrated, Sevin Nyne Tanning Mist provides a long lasting, luscious tan that allows you to spray yourself healthy.

Sevin Nyne Tanning Mist is the first of many beauty products from Sevin Nyne, all dedicated to cherishing your skin.
Lindsay named the brand after her own lucky numbers, 7 and 9.

Gilt Groupe: On Sale Now Divinely Delicate Decadence from DayNa Decker!

DayNa Decker brings couture to candles. The former model developed her line of gorgeously packaged, delicately fragranced products after studying the art of perfumery in Gras, France. Her candles, room sprays, body cleansers and moisturizers are both luxe and eco-friendly, and feature undertones ranging from woody to floral.

Decker seduces your senses with delicately scented, beautifully packaged options. Transform your space with these eco-friendly candles and diffusers, including the soothing Nigella (a blend of hyacinth, baby’s breath and sheer musk) and invigorating Rosa (a mix of mandarin, grapefruit, anise and sandalwood).

This is an exercise in exquisite delight so get thee to the sale before the sensual treasures meant for you are gone!

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Redbook Magazine's Must-Have Beauty Products for 2010

Maybelline Shine Sensational Lip Gloss, $6

Redbook unveils their MVP beauty picks for 2010. 

For their 7th annual beauty awards, Redbook is celebrating the senses! Beauty isn't just about looks — it's a fiesta for all the senses, from delightful scents and yummy tastes to cool textures and exciting sounds. So for their seventh annual beauty awards, Redbook is celebrating the senses by highlighting the best new products that appeal to the taste, sight, touch, smell, and hearing. See any of your faves?

Up in the image at top, Maybelline Shine Sensational Lip Glosses satisfies any candy craving with their line of 18 tasty glosses. Each sheer shade has its own flavor, like Glamorous Guava or Crazy for Caramel.

Bloom Aromatherapy Lip Balm, $10
Can't resist a fruit smoothie, which is why you'll find yourself addicted to these fruit-flavored, pout-smoothing lip balms (shown here in Lime). Each tastes — and smells — like the real deal.
Urban Rituelle Creamy Vegetable Soap in Peach Blossom, $6
This cutesy soap, scented with peach, honey, and sweet pea, looks so pretty and chic, you can't wait to use it.
Giorgio Armani Rouge d'Armani, $30
It's the LBD of lipsticks: It looks sleek and chic and always wears well. And this one's designer, too. Each of the creamy bullets are embossed with the Armani logo.
Tarte Natural Gel Lip Stains, $24
The crayons of our childhood weren't nearly as fun as these Crayola-like lip stains. The bright and glossy sticks (six shades in all) have a cushy gel formula that looks as pretty on your lips as it does in the packaging.

Physician's Formula Shimmer Strips Custom Eye Enhancing Gel CreamLiners, $11
Not just for brown-eyed girls but also the hazel, green, and blue gals out there too with these stackable liners customized into three shades for every eye color.
Redken Velvet Gelatine 07 Cushioning Blow-Dry Gel, $17
Redbook, you and me both on this one! This jelly-textured styler liquifies when it touches your hair. And after a blow-dry, it leaves strands bouncy and shiny. I love this hair product!
Mally Beauty Liquid Light Eyecolor, $35
Like magic, this eyeshadow starts off as a powder, transforms into a cool liquid, then morphs back into a sheer powder that stays put on your lids. Genius!
L'Oréal Paris True Match Roller Perfecting Roll-On Makeup, $15
Ok, so this one you'll find on a number of "Top Beauty Items for 2010" lists. If you've ever painted a wall, you know that the paint goes on much more smoothly and evenly when applied with a roller rather than with a brush. Same goes for foundation: This mini-roller applicator glides over your skin for a seamless finish and looks entirely natural — not painted on, say Redbook.
Olay Total Effects 7-in-1 Advanced Anti-Aging Body Wash, $8
Also getting rave reviews on a number of enviable beauty lists, this new anti-ager from Olay. "Ooh, smooshy," Redbook's editors said as they piled this rich body wash onto their skin. "Wow, soft and smooth," were also thrown around in describing the antiaging benefits after using it for a month.
Farmhouse Fresh Whoopie Crème, $30
One whiff of this vanilla, cake-batter-scented whipped cream and you'll want to dig in with a spoon. But if you think it smells delicious in the jar, wait until you slather the rich cream, made with shea and cocoa butters, onto your skin. Scrumptious!
Jo Malone Vitamin E Body Balm, $75
Ever had trouble taking your vitamins? Not now. You just can't get enough of this antioxidant-rich cream and its subtle, sweet scent.
By Lauren Luke My Sultry Blues, $33
Hey gorgeous eyes! (well, she does have gorgeous eyes, check her out on twitter too, @panacea81) Don't let the everywoman style and the working-class British accent fool you: Lauren Luke is a pro! She chatters charmingly through her YouTube video, expertly applying the contents of her smoky blue palette and teaching her many followers along the way. You must check it out!
MAC Artists in Action, free on
The experts at MAC Cosmetics have created an online video series with instructions that make even the toughest makeup feats — like applying false lashes — easy to do. Click on Artistry, then Artists in Action to find this treasure trove of how-to's.
There's more on the Redbook Must-Haves List, so be sure to click on over and have a look for yourself.
source: Redbook (authors: Cheryl Kramer Kaye & Krista Bennett Demaio)
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