Thursday, January 3, 2008

Alchimie Forever - Skincare You Can't Wait to Get Home to Apply

Have been so glad to hear from so many of you about your love for Alchimie Forever. Others have emailed wanting more information. Happy to go on and on about this gem of a skincare company, but will try and keep your interest with the important points. I don't quite remember how I stumbled upon them a little over two years ago, but for sure I have loved everything I've ever tried.

Husband and wife team, Dr. Luigi Polla and Dr. Barbara Polla, created the Alchimie Forever skincare line to advance and extend the healing and preventive benefits achieved through their Swiss based medical spa in Geneva, Forever Laser Institute. Dr. Luigi Polla, a dermatologist and European leader in the field of cosmetic laser therapy, is an expert on skin aging. Dr. Barbara Polla, a leader in biomedical research on antioxidants and stress proteins, is a specialist in cellular aging. You can see how their joint expertise would produce a remarkable line of products in skincare. In addition to wonderful products, you can expect excellent customer service from Alchimie Forever. As president of the company, their daughter, Ada, has been wonderfully interactive in reaching out to consumers, personally answering questions, and really helping folks understand the benefits and the science behind her family's products. Any doubts? Look at the skin of this beautiful family.

Alchimie Forever Homepage

Dr.'s Luigi and Barbara Polla


Ada Polla Tray

Rachel Polla

Alchimie Forever offers a full line of skincare, addressing the needs of women, men, and body. You'll delight in the "luscious-ness" of these products; an experience for all the senses! Among my favorites so far:

Kantic Mask

Brightening moisture mask

Blueberries, wild pansies, oats, grapes, vitamin E Kantic Mask®

This creamy, soothing mask is packed with antioxidants and oat extracts to soothe, protect, and brighten dull skin. Blueberries help to quell redness, oats and wild pansies combine to speed the recovery of dry, distressed skin and calm irritation, while grape extracts combat free radicals and repair the look of past skin damage.

Weekly use helps reduce the appearance of redness, fine lines and wrinkles, restoring the skin's healthy glow.

Kantic Lights Off

Calming evening cream

Blueberries, jojoba, grape seeds, vitamin E Kantic®

Increase the beneficial effects of beauty sleep with this midweight night cream that nourishes, renews, and brightens the skin, leaving it soft and silky the next morning.

Packed with antioxidants derived from blueberries, grape seeds, and vitamin E, this cream revives tired, dehydrated skin and helps minimize the signs of stress and fatigue. Daily use softens the appearance of fine lines and quells redness, leaving the skin soft and radiant.


Optimizing body contour gel

Maté, guarana, marine algae, ginger Q-switch™

This slimming gel is infused with caffeinated maté leaves and Amazonian guarana, and stimulating ginger and marine algae, to visibly lift and tone the skin.

With continued use, these natural botanicals minimize the appearance of cellulite and water retention, resulting in smoother, firmer-looking skin and more beautiful feminine contours.

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