Monday, January 7, 2008

Trend Alert: Color-Changing Glosses

I don't know guys, do we have "sucker" tattooed to our foreheads or what? I'm amazed at the gimmicky glosses hitting the shelves this year. I remember as a pre-teen loving the idea of mood rings, mood glosses and the like, but haven't we moved passed that phase? Or are we in an ever-circulatory cycle of coming around to the same trends over and over again? And these are coming from well established brands too, not just fly by night crews ... oy veh.

Case in point:

Too Faced

Ok, not only are we being asked to "buy" the all-too-ridiculous FUZE Slenderize Guilt-Free Lip Gloss (at $18.50 a pop worse yet) - see prior post, but, hey, just for extra amusement, go ahead and shell out an additional $18.50 on the Mood Swing Gloss as well ... uggggh!

Purporting to, "change color on your lips depending on your body heat, ph balance and mood". Wait! Does this sound strangely similar to another product that changes color with the wearer's own body chemistry ...? Hmmm .... now what was that product .... ?

Oh yes, I remember, from another well established beauty brand ... but in a blush. We all remember the well advertised O-Glow "intuitive" blush ... yes indeedy.


Let's add insult to injury with an expansion to the O-Glow family. How about, oh I don't know, a nice little "intuitive" lip gloss! Hey, and let's call it, ready for this; hold onto your seats now - O-Gloss!

Again with the micro-circulatory Goji-Berry C Complex blah blah blah. And a whopping $22 a tube. Are we really running to the stores to buy these, ladies?

Mood SwingO-Gloss


  1. I remember when glosses like these were in when I was little... But they were cheapie drugstore kinds, not for $25!!!!

  2. I bought that moodswing gloss as a splurge for a good semester... Cute gloss. It does what it says it will. Me and a couple of friends tested it out to see if the colors differed and it did.

  3. Wow! That's good to know ... and here I was a skeptic. 30 lashes for me with a wet noodle. I may just have to reconsider some purchases and try 'em out. Thanks so much for sharing your feedback with us!


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