Friday, March 12, 2010

Rouge Coco: Mademoiselle's Favorite Lipstick

Gabrielle Chanel was fascinated by lipstick to such an extent that she created a creamy stick of lip colour in 1954 that she inserted in a rectangular tube, the exact replica of the No 5 spray bottle.  She even reserved the famous leather compartment inside each 2.55 quilted handbag.  This historic lipstick has continuously adapted to new technological innovations.

Coco Rouge

The Anatomy of Chic ~ A Timeless Classic
CHANEL brings the iconic packaging of the historic lipstick by Coco Chanel into the Rouge Coco era.  A black case with a gold ring in smooth, luxurious metal with a fresh feel that is instantly recognizable each time that you plunge your hand into your handbag to find your lipstick.

Comfort and Sensory Pleasure
Its creamy texture dresses the lips in luxury for a satiny, luminous result. 

Hydration:  The HYDRATENDER complex guarantees 8-hour hydration
Colour:  Thanks to extremely fine pigments, the radiance of the colour preserves lip comfort
Fragrance:  A bouquet of fresh roses enhanced with a fruity raspberry accord over a powdery, iridescent base with a hint of vanilla

Two looks specially created for CHANEL by Creative Makeup Director Peter Philips.  More looks may be viewed online at

Please visit CHANEL online for more information about Rouge Coco and to experience the making of the Rouge Coco film and learn more about the legendary Gabrielle "Coco" Chanel and current muse Vanessa Paradis.


  1. Peter Phillips is a genius. Chanel will miss him deeply when he finishes his tenure there, which is to be soon.
    And what remains to say about Ms. Paradis!


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