Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Intrigued by Leighton Denny Nail Laquers

I've discovered a nail brand new to me to get excited about, though the man behind the brand has enjoyed years of prestigious award winning history.  While perusing Glamour magazine (the UK version), I stumbled across this beauty of a collection in their giveaways for July section. Woot!

Leighton Denny is the UK's leading nail technician with a host of awards to his name. He has his own salon in Harrods and has won the prestigious Nail Technician of the Year award so many times they've banned him from entering and made him a judge instead.

"I am passionate about nails and know how vital it is they look groomed in today's society. I developed my own range to share my expertise so that others can have the confidence that comes from knowing their hands, feet and nails are beautiful and healthy."

~Leighton Denny

For more information and to shop these gorgeous nail varnishes, visit Leighton Denny online.

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  1. Great find! Such fun colors... Hopefully he'll start shilling her in the US


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