Saturday, July 24, 2010

Origins Award Winning Starting Over Age-Erasing Moisturizer

So here's one good-for-us skincare product I'm salivating to try.  Origins Starting Over Moisturizer, which contains mimosa, argan leaf and green algae, is said to be fantastically effective at reducing the signs of aging and in particular reducing the appearance of lines and wrinkles. Yep, sign me up please!

I intend to try this soon, and if so promise to provide a proper review, but in the meantime allow me to share some of the goodness behind this product.  The moisturizer helps to rebuild collagen, repair visible lines and improve skin texture and tone. Many of those who have already tried this new moisturizer say their skin looks and feels measurably younger from day one. Origins has reviews up on their website and there are others raving about the results elsewhere on the web as well.

In clinical trials, a whopping 94% of those who used this light cream saw a significant reduction in lines and wrinkles. Many users I've seen reviews from have compared the results to "similar to injection" treatments. That's a very favorable response indeed.  Equally impressive, it's one of Women's Health's Top 10 Beauty All-Stars.  Can't wait to try it myself!

I adore Origins as a beauty brand. I really appreciate their dedication to eco-friendly products and packaging and that they get behind environmentally friendly projects and causes. One of the first mainstream beauty brands to utilize natural and organic botanicals and ingredients in their skincare, they drew me in years ago with their philosophy and lines of gentle, caring skin-loving products.

For more information or to purchase Origins Starting Over Age-Erasing Moisturizer, visit Origins.  There is an oil-free version of this moisturizer for those seeking to use it with oily or combination skin type. The original version is recommended for dry skin or for those with normal-dry combination skin. The cream retails for $45 a 1.7 oz jar and is also available at

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  1. Love origins and LOVE the smell of mimosa. Seems like a sure-fire hit to me.


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