Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Hot and Humid? Secret Clinical Strength Waterproof to the Rescue!

Living down here in the tropical (read: blistering hot and uncomfortably humid) climate of The Big Easy, it's a huge relief to find a deodorant that actually keeps one dry and fresh smelling. Yes, we're big enough to admit it; we get sticky, yucky and all perspiry just like the fellas do.  Can one have any control over that in 100+ degree weather?  Me thinks not.

I'd tried Secret Clinical Strength maybe a year or so ago and liked it very much, but I was intrigued to have gotten my hands on a Waterproof version to test over the summer.  Intrigued and pleasantly surprised, it turns out, as I find this version serves even better in the sweltering humid heat we have in New Orleans. 

Now I believe Secret actually recommends we apply this at night, however I've used it as I would any other anti-perspirant/deodorant and apply it in the morning before getting dressed.  The texture of the product is a bit "creamier" than regular solid deodorant.  It glides effortlessly on the skin.  It has been extremely effective in keeping me not only dry (a huge feat, I assure you down south) but odor-free, a blessed appreciation to be sure.

FAQ's - Secret Says:

What is Secret Clinical Strength Waterproof?
It's the latest in the Secret Clinical Strength boutique and contains an all-day formula that provides waterproof wetness protection. The advanced solid's H20Guard technology provides three layers of protection: clinically proven waterproof wetness protection, odor absorbing capsules that respond to humidity and heat, and skin soothing conditioners.

What's the difference between the Waterproof version and Secret's other Clinical Strength Deodorants?
The H20Guard's optimal level of a top-performing active ingredient that is robust and is not washed off by water (pools, rain, sweat). It has the optimal level of two ingredients that hard for water to remove yet still can be removed by typical soap or wash.  They hold to odor fighters on the skin even when skin gets wet and helps fight odor by absorbing them.

Allow me to include this little piece of goodness to those of you who want to know about removing something as strong as a clinical strength, even waterproof, deodorant from your delicate underarms while showering or bathing.  Tis a little jewel I discovered over a year ago that I still use to this day.  Clarsskin Underarm Cleanser contains chelating agents that effectively remove residue including the metallic salts, and uses no parabens, sulfates or DEA, etc. It's a "phenom" little product and I'm never without it in my shower! (read my review here for more information)

Awarded Best of Beauty by Allure, Secret's Clinical Strength products are available at mass merchandisers nationwide. You may also purchase Secret Clinical Strength Waterproof at a discounted price from drugstore.com, retailing at about $8.29 currently.



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