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MAC Fabulous Felines: A Trio of Purrrrrfect Color Collections

Are you ready for the purrrrrrrrrrfect homage to the mystique of the cat? Well, MAC-style at any rate? You won't have to wait much longer.  MAC introduces Fabulous Felines, available to us here August 26th through October 2010.  Seductive, alluring, preening, fawned-over facets of the feline are magnified and accentuated in three new collections inspired by the colors and textures of the world’s most prized pedigrees, perfectly mirroring the rich shades and slinky sophisticated looks seen on the Fall 2010 runways.

Oh my gosh, who can't wait for Fall? {hands feverishly waving in air!!!}
I don't think I've been this excited about a MAC collection since ... well, ever - the products, the colors, the formulas .... sooooo delicious!

There's the pampered creature of luxury, the chocolate-hued Burmese, the wild and sleek ginger Ocicat, and the plush and privileged sable Russian Blue. It’s everything compelling we loved on the catwalk...chic, couture-inspired and cunningly compulsory!  Couldn't have said it better myself; thanks MAC.

Superslick Liquid Eye Liner in On the Hunt (Fabulous Felines: Leopard Luxe Collection)

Can't talk a cat cosmetic collection without talking cat eye.  Who else but MAC to guide us through the creativity of cat-eye with a brand new product? MAC's new Superslick Liquid Eye Liner in six new hues from an eye-warming Defiantly Feline to golden Pure Show will leave you giddy in your shoes.


Your mission is to develop a colour collection that revolves around cats! Where does one begin?

For me it was really easy. I’ve had two cats for 16 years – Miss Charlie Girl and Shakespeare. (In fact, I tried to get Shakespeare a modeling job as part of this campaign because he’s this gorgeous white thing but, unfortunately, it wasn’t the look we were going for!) So it was natural from my point of view. We started by looking at cats as a whole: They’re mysterious, quite unpredictable and, in addition to their characteristics, their coats are quite beautiful. A lot of times I look at Miss Charlie Girl because she’s a beautiful shade of soft brown and I’d like to get her to come out from under the bed and take her to the colourist!

There are three distinct and rich colour stories at play, with lots of attention to texture. How did that come

We looked at rich greys and plums and greyed-out greens reminiscent of cats’ eyes, and of course ombré and amber. The felines’ colouration and tonality were part of the inspiration. Texture-wise, we started by playing with the various colours of the hair for each of these types of cats, and developed different finishes between the products. As a result of the various finishes, when the colour is layered, you can really create differences in terms of light and opacity. Cats are never just one shade, so we wanted to create an ombré effect, for example – an amber that burns into gray green. While the collection is obviously cat-inspired, it’s also catwalk inspired: those two elements had to fall into place with each other. We work with the latest trend reports and saw all these fall colours and textures – smoky greys, plums and warm-toned ambers – and we had to make it all work together. Each cat had to have her own look, as if each cat were a different type of girl.

The new Superslick Liquid Eye Liner sounds really cool. What's the story there, and what is its role in the collection as a whole?

The beauty of this product is the amazing formula and this magical new applicator. It is super precise – you can easily create a thin line or a thicker one. It’s very long-wearing (15-hour wear!), water-resistant and leaves an incredibly shiny finish. There are nine different shades – three colours per cat. The goal was to not only offer enough “playtime” with the product, but also have it set quickly, while keeping a super wet look in exceedingly jewel-toned colour. We always like to have a focus for each of our collections, and you can see from this lineup we tended to focus on the eyes. So we chose to include pigments that are complementary accent colours to the eye shadow quads – they mimic cat fur in their multi-dimensionality: It’s never one shade and can be softer and lighter and deeper in some parts.

Got a tip for creating the perfect cat eye?

Actually, that’s why the liner was developed! The way the tip is designed builds a cat eye by itself if you glide it over your lid and swoop the ends. It’s flexible, yet firm enough for precision glide and control. It can be difficult to do a cat eye with a pencil, but this pointed applicator tip makes it simple.

You’ve mentioned that you have cats yourself. As a cat lover, how do you feel this collection will resonate with other fabulous felines?

Everyone knows that cat people are crazy about their pets. There’s a feminine feline connection between people and their kitties that any cat owner will cop to! Cat lovers will be drawn to the collection. Feminine feline enthusiasts always have this one-on-one with their cats, where you look at them and maybe you talk to them and your cat totally understands you at that moment. Cats speak with their eyes and that’s what we captured with this collection. Fabulous felines are just like the girls they portray – sexy, seductive, fun, playful, young and luxurious!

L-R: Burmese Beauty, Leopard Luxe and Palace Pedigreed

Alright, my angels, so there are three color stories/collections to choose from here: Burmese Beauty, Leopard Luxe and Palace Pedigreed. Which cat whispers to you?  For moi, it's Palace Pedigreed ... the green eyes, the plush, silvery cool coat, the berry, lavender and mauve color palette ... yes indeed, this is soooooo Roxy!

Look for more about each cat color story as the next three days progress.  You're getting all the scoop here including the inspiration emitted with each cat, the look, the products and how-to tips for each look. Yum!

More info available at; available 8/26/20 through October 2010.

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