Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Just a Note (read: gripe) about Google Blogger

Too big for their britches?

Anyone else having a ridiculous time trying to get the number of posts they wish to display on their front page maximized?  You know, I've gone back into "Blogger Help" only to see that apparently this has been a well discussed issue with Google since at least February of this year and there's been no relief to those waiting for a "fix" to the problem. Blogger (they say it's an outside "virus," sure, blame someone else) is limiting the number of posts showing on the front page no matter how many posts or days one notes in the Design element's administrative options.

For instance, today I'm getting a whole 3 posts showing. Woohoo!

Whew .... really, Google?  This wasn't an issue until you "enhanced" the editing features.  We're in August now.  You can't get it together enough to fix by now? Ridonculous!!

Really, what it all boils down to, is that they just don't care.  This isn't the first time, or even second, that I've had a major beef with Google only to be dismissed as yesterday's garbage.  Many will empathize with their whole AdSense fiasco and not re-signing Google Affiliates due to problems internally with their functionality - yes, "their" functionality not the user.  Idgits!

Thinking about changing hosts.  What a pain in the ass too .... thanks, Google.

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