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LUSH Fresh, Handmade Cosmetics

Going green is more than just a catch-phrase or marketing slogan, it's a way of life that starts with lots of small changes that add up to making a big difference. LUSH has a fun new line of green products that are both green in color and green in intent.

LUSH's product inventors focused on fairly traded, eco-friendly ingredients that are good for the body, good for the environment and good for the world community.

Although I'm a HUGE fan of many, many LUSH products, I just adore their bombs and bubble bars. Among my favorites are some of their more popular ones, but also some of their lesser touted ones ... here's the scoop:

The Bombs - 1, 2 and 3 for me

Avobath Bath Bombs
Avobath Bath Bombs
(386 reviews)

Refresh tired minds with lemongrass and bergamot
Dark, dreary days getting you down? Pep up and revive your mind and body when you Avobath. Lemongrass and bergamot are the perfect antidote for unhappy days. Avocado and olive oil nurture skin and sparkly green water adds a little fun. Bad days be gone!

Oh my goodness ... the fragrance from this bomb is just absolutely divine, your skin feels so nourished coming out of the bath - soft, smooth, refreshed. The avocado and olive oil work wonders on the skin. When I want to really treat myself, I pop this in the bath and just relax!

Happy Pill Bath Bombs
Happy Pill Bath Bombs
(183 reviews)

Happy citrus to comfort you on bad days
Take one and don't worry about calling us in the morning. The citrus notes of grapefruit and bergamot uplift, and frankincense eases anxiety. You'll feel so much better after a bath with the Happy Pill, it's the only medicine you'll need.

Ah hem ... true to its name - 'tis the ultimate happy-maker. The fragrance of this bomb is simply enlightening (yes, that's what I said). I know many like to use this in the morning, but I tell you, nothing lifts my spirits like a Happy Pill before bed; so indulge in the wonderful olive and hemp oils that bathe the skin in hydration. I like to break this one in half and use one side one night and the other side another ... smile!

Honey Bee Bath Bombs
Honey Bee Bath Bombs

Soothes sensitive skin
If your skin is feeling the sting, pop a sweet Honey Bee into the bath. Honey, aloe, sweet orange and rhassoul mud soothe the most sensitive of skins, while the honey-sweet scent reassures. You'll leave the bath with a calm mind and calm skin.

Surprisingly decadent even if at first glance you mistake it for being, well, boring. Sorry, Honey Bee, I do love you and appreciate the fabulously sweet-smelling and hydrated skin you give me. I'm just amazed at how nourishing to the skin this bomb actually is, and the rhassoul mud adds a nice touch in aiding exfoliation - a true gem!

Think Pink Bath Bombs
Think Pink Bath Bombs
(298 reviews)

Sweet vanilla candy for gorgeousness and glamour
If you make a funny face at the very thought of pink, think again. One bath with this candy-topped vanilla and tonka bean number leaves you feeling so wonderful and marvelous, you'll think you've just been dancing with Fred Astaire.

Yum, yum ... now, I'll have to tell ya', I'm really NOT one for the sweetsy, foody smells in body products. So I was happily surprised that I liked this bomb as much as I do. I tried it mainly because some of the proceeds go to charity, but I admit I adore this one. Really does leave the skin smelling lovely with a hint of sweetness, not too over-powering.

The Bubble Bars - 1, 2 and 3 for me
One can easily use just 1/3 to 1/2 of these bars and still get a wonderful effect in the bath

Amandopondo Bubble Bars
Amandopondo Bubble Bars
(119 reviews)

Lemon and rose to help you forgive and forget
Scented with rose absolute and a twist of lemon and orange oils, each little cream pillow has a rosebud on top to symbolize an appeal for forgiveness. Give one to anyone to whom you owe an apology; once they have bathed in its fragrant foam, with rose to soothe resentment, lemon to clear the mind and orange to lift spirits, all will be forgiven.

Can you stand the luxury? mmmmmmm ... I tell you, something about this bar makes me feel like I'm bathing in a gilded tub somewhere in Paris with the lively songs of Moulin Rouge (the place not the movie) playing lightly in the distance - enough said!

Sunny Side Bubble Bars
Sunny Side Bubble Bars
(115 reviews)

A citrus bubble bath to brighten any day
Soak in the sunshine, float in the rays and get your daily dose of Vitamin D. As the days get darker and shorter, it seems harder to find light in the dreary. If you can't escape to Mexico, let the happy citrus of Sunny Side take you to sun-drenched shores of your own.

Another delightful little surprise. Not much at all for glitter and shimmer left in my tub OR on my skin, but this little beauty leaves no mess. What is created is a lovely celestial bath water gleaming with swirls of gold at each angle and touch of light reflection. The fragrance here is really very light and captivating!

Creamy Candy Bubble Bars
Creamy Candy Bubble Bars
(317 reviews)

Moisture-rich vanilla sweetness
The best candies always have a secret center but there's no mystery to our handmade Creamy Candy. Sweethearts love the abundance of vanilla and skin benefits from the wealth of cocoa butter at the core.

Yes, I know, I said I don't like sweetsy, foody scents, and yet here I go again with another seemingly vanilla, goopy, sticky lollipop - but alas, dear lovelies, what results from using bits and pieces of this yummy bar is a slight hint of sweetness, a definite feel of creaminess in the bubbles, and a wealth of moisture on the skin from the cocoa butter - those who prefer gourmand, floral, or woodsy scents, don't be too quick to dismiss this one. Again, I do recommend using only pieces of the bar at a time (unless you like a lot of sweetness, then by all means use it all), and even indulging your creative side by mixing the bars and the bombs to make what LUSH lovingly refers to as bath "cocktails".

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