Thursday, December 27, 2007

Blush Flush

I'm going to let you in on a little secret! Women of ALL shades, colors and tones can wear NARS The Multiple in Sumatra. Oh yes, I'm quite serious. This wonderful product gives my NC20 complexion (read - fair, cool toned) the exact shade of "flush" I seek.

Are you ready for secret #2? It's also the most wonderful shade of berry for your lips! Yes, yes - all true! (hence, "multiple" uses in one product - clever) My favorite mix of color on my lips consists of a layering of NARS Sumatra Multiple, with a little blending of MAC Paint in Untitled and one coat of MAC Pro Gloss in Duo Rose -- c'est magnifique! Give it a try and let me know whatcha think ... xo


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MAC Paint in Untitled MAC Pro Gloss in Duo Rose

photos: ebay

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  1. hey there, i just started reading your blog and its great! thanks for telling us readers about the nars- im going to totally check that out.


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