Friday, December 28, 2007

Social Creatures Handmade Fragrances

I'm always fascinated when someone decides to create their own fragrance company, as inevitably it is one with a passionate spirit who can allow himself/herself to be carried away by their senses in true delight. Such is the case, I imagine, with Russell Newell, founder of the UK handmade fragrance line, Social Creatures.

A simple little visit to the website is all it takes to see this must, indeed, be the case. Let me tempt with a little imagery straight from the site:

~ “I am an optimist and hopeful about the future. I believe that human beings have an immense capacity to do good. My scents are designed to be a reminder of this to those who wear or come into contact with them. Scent is something that is both very personal to the wearer yet shared with others.” - Russell Newell.

~ This is our creative playground. We have chosen fragrance as a way of distilling our thoughts and ideas about the world we share. Our message is one of hope and inspiration.

~ Socialcreatures is a creative conceptual practice. This means our inspiration for Socialcreatures fragrances comes from many places. Our inspiration is found in poetry, prose, painting, photography, music or our view of the world and the people in it.

Due out in December 2007 (I'm sitting on pins and needles waiting) is the first "female" scent for the company, the deliciously inspired fragrance - Frankfurt Kitchen. The other two fragrances (bottles below) are decidedly unisex, even masculine in scent.

Rebel Ambush Utopian

Frankfurt Kitchen scent is a rich gourmand mixture - both sexy and mouthwatering at the same. The scent is a rich fruity, ambery mix of resins, peppermint, coffee and osmanthus (a beautiful chinese flower often used to make tea with subtle fruity notes similar to apricot and plum). I can't wait!

"You Are Here" - detail 1997 (from

Trust your intuition: Usually your first subconscious judgment about a new situation is based on how it smells.

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