Friday, December 14, 2007

Spring 2008 Beauty Preview

For those who haven't yet had a glance at upcoming lines for Spring, I thought I'd preview some "eye candy" for you to start drooling over. Some of these lines seem completely UNINSPIRED to me, while others I'm already craving! Take a gander and see what you think.


I'll start with my one of my personal favorites ... mmm mmm mmm -- cannot wait for this one. Look at those juicy raspberry shades

Beautiful soft pastel blues and lilacs ... waiting for more info on this collection.

Everyone seems to be going "ga-ga" over the cute flower compact, but my lemming of this bunch is the quintet in soft pinks and browns - very nice for Spring!

Another really fabulous collection for Spring. The stand-out item here for me is the Captiv'Eyes Limited Edition Intense Volume Mascara in purple-black being introduced as well as those gorgeous berry shaded lipsticks. All wonderful for green-eyed ladies ... c'est magnifique!

Other goods include Perfect Again! Corrector Set, a palette of correctors and highlighters for flawless skin as well as the powder and cream eye shadow palettes inspired by their famous denim jeans - both blue and black variations.

One look as the fab shadows (they come in quads) is all it takes to imagine how luxurious and stunning they'd be on the eyes, and look how unique the little compact palette is ... delicious!

Alright, now here we break away from the pack ... goodness ... I adore Gucci Westman and think she is incredibly talented, but this collection does absolutely nothing for me. Even the name of the collection seems like an after thought - L.U.C.I. or Luminous Colorless Color Intelligence (huh?).

NOW -- it could turn out to be FANTASTIC; the technology - an optical phenomenon occurs when hues of an object change color based on light interference and viewing angles (not pigment - hence "colorless") creating iridescent color - seems intriguing. We're told color transformations will be different depending on one's complexion reflecting rose, blue, coral or green hues, enhancing lips, eyes and skin. Wellllll ... we'll just have to see.

What needs to be said here ... earthly, fresh, subtle ... a nice change from some of the more intense collections from MAC these days.

We're seeing more of the earthy tones here as well, although beautifully delicate and captivating. The shadows whisper of metallic rose, golden champagne shimmer (the duo) and gossamer pearl (the single), while the Dolce Vita lipstick is transformed into a gloss and Belle du Jour into a pencil.

PAUL & JOE ~ Disney
You're either gonna be wildly excited by this idea or completely confused ... Me? I'm scratching my head ...

Yves Saint Laurent
Ooh la la! My favorites here are the Pop Stick Blushes in swirls of N° 1 Vanilla / Chocolate, N° 2 Strawberry / Raspberry, and N° 3 Peach / Blackcurrant; the Palette Pop Collector Powder for Face & Cheeks - both Limited Edition. What about those French Manicure pens? Hmmm ... not sure about those.

For more delightful Spring2008 and other beauty love, please see temptalia
Sorry for the indiscretion, my dears, I'm learning as I go ... xo

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