Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Chanel Revs Up AntiAging Skincare Line

In January 2009, french luxury brand Chanel will introduce Ultra Correction Line Repair, a five-unit treatment line, which it hopes will bolster its positioning in the worldwide skin care market.

“Almost half of our skin care business worldwide is antiaging related,” says Catherine Rebours, director of skin care at Chanel. “We believe that share will increase with Ultra Correction Line Repair.”

Look for more on the line coming soon.

source: WWD


  1. This line looks interesting. If you are looking for a great skin care routine that is more natural you should check out Garden Girl. All of their products are amazing and don't use parabens or harsh unnecessary chemicals. You can find them at http://www.gardengirlskincare.com. I love how great everything smells and how cute the packaging is!

  2. Great - thanks - will have to give them a look-see. Thanks for the info! xo

  3. What types of ingredients are in this product? I read some top myths about anti aging and skin care. For instance, if there is collagen in this product, it is probably not worth buying.

  4. Hi Stacy,

    I only got an introductory statement on the new line so when I receive a full press release and/or more information on the ingredients, I'll be sure to post about it. Many thanks for the link on skincare myths ... looks like something peruse. : )



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