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Allure's Tips for the Hottest Hair This Holiday Season

Model Natalia Vodianova

Top hairstylists Garren, Chris McMillan, David Babaii and others reveal to Allure how to get some of the most coveted celebrity hairstyles this holiday season and into the new year.

The cut above on Natalia is entirely classic. "This is a very simple, A-line bob that almost anyone can wear," says Babaii. "Ask for a chin-length, mostly blunt cut that is slightly longer and more layered in front, which helps it curve toward the face."

Naomi Watts's layered cut is ideal for those with natural waves. It has slightly graduated layers, with the longest one in the front, says Garren. "It's all in the way you style it—use a medium-barrel curling iron to create soft waves from the crown to the ends."

Liv Tyler. "Liv's cut is about as blunt as a haircut can get—there are virtually no layers," says hairstylist Garren of the Garren New York salon. "Ask your stylist to make it collarbone-length in the front and just a touch shorter in the back. You should be able to part it on the side or in the center, and if it starts to feel too severe, make some gentle waves with a curling iron."

Marley Shelton. Not all '80s hair is bad. To get this punk look, "request for a cut thats boy-short, yet softly layered, on the sides and back," says Paul. "The top should be longer, with thinned-out ends; the bangs should make a diagonol line, starting mid-forehead and ending just below the brows."

Katie Homes. This jaw-length bob is timeless. To get it, "ask that it be slightly shorter in the back with very subtle layering throughout," says McMillan. "It should also have bangs that are completely blunt and straight and cut just above the eyebrow." Don't attempt this cut if your hair is not straight; "ask for longer, side-swept bangs" if your face is slightly round.

Gisele Bundchen. "The entire head is long layer after long layer," says Babaii. "The front section is also heavily layered and chopped-into to give it a piecey look." Ask your stylist to thin the ends—"that will help the hair look tousled."

Nicole Richie. "This is a great style for people who don't want to spend on their hair but still want it to look stylish," says McMillan. "Just ask for lots of face-framing layers—they shouldn't be shorter than the cheekbones—and minimal layering in the back. And if your hair is very thick, cut into the ends to lighten it up a bit."

Mariska Hargitay. "This is a great cut for straight hair that's thick or thin—it's basically chin-length and asymmetrical with side bangs," says hairstylist Garren of the Garren New York salon. "Ask your stylist to cut long and short choppy layers all over—in the back, sides, and around the face. The back can be the same length as the front or much shorter and choppier, depending on your preference."

For more great celebrity hairstyles and tips on how to achieve and what to ask from your stylist, visit's Trends section to get answers from the expert hairstylists themselves.

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source: Allure Magazine, December 2008 issue.


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