Monday, January 12, 2009

Golden Globes 2009: Hair Tips by PureOlogy

Kate Winslet won two Golden Globes!

As the 2009 award season commences, the look of the night was simple and tasteful hairstyles. Pureology PureArtists, Mary Katherine Hecht and Sherilynn Smart give us the latest hair trends from last night’s red carpet event and tips how to achieve the look at home.

The top three trends seen on the red carpet…
1. French Twist as seen on Kate Winslet, Eva Mendes and Christina Applegate
2. Classic Upsweep as seen on Evan Rachel Wood, Amanda Seyfried
3. Modern Chignon as seen on Anna Paquin, Eva Longoria, Kate Beckensale

How to achieve…

French Twist:

1) Blow dry hair using a cocktail of Pureology NanoGlaze and PureVolume BlowDryAmplifier.
2) Use a curling iron to set hair using Pureology SprayGel and alternate barrel size and direction for that old Hollywood glamour.
3) Softly twist hair and pin while taming flyaway’s with Pureology NanoWorks ShineLuxe.

Classic Upsweep

1) Blow dry hair using a cocktail of Pureology NanoGlaze and PowerDressing.
2) Set hair away from the face in hot rollers with Pureology SuperStraight HotIronProtectionSpray.
3) Remove the rollers when cool.
4) Finger rake the hair with Pureology NanoWorks ShineLuxe working it all the way through to the ends.
5) Without combing or brushing the hair, pull the hair back using your hands only into a loose ponytail opposite of the nose.
6) Take the ponytail and separate into 3-5 sections depending on the thickness of the hair.
7) Smooth each section with a soft brush to shine the hair, and place in a large pincurl. Use a bobbypin to secure it around the ponytail.
8) Continue to pin each section around the ponytail until all the sections are pinned up.
9) Finish up with Pureology GlossingMist for shine and InChargePlus for hold.

Modern Chignon

1) Apply Pureology StylingLotion from root to end. Blow dry.
2) Section the head from the highpoint of the head to the ears separating the front of the head from the back.
3) Using Pureology InCharge for added texture lightly backbrush the crown area.
4) Cocktail Pureology DryShine and ShineMax and work through the front section from hairline to the ends. Use this cocktail on the ends of the back section to lend pliability to the hair.
5) Using a soft brush smooth the hair into a low ponytail in the center of the nape opposite of the lips.
6) Fold the hair under and pin at the hairline.
7) Finish with Pureology InChargePlus for amazing hold.

source: PureOlogy, images: getty

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