Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Redken Revamps Chemistry

Stylists can transform your hair with the renovated, luxurious Redken Chemistry (formerly Chemistry System) – customized in-salon treatments utilizing advanced technology and salon professional expertise to meet consumers’ specialized haircare needs. Redken Chemistry repairs, protects and conditions the hair on regular salon visits or can be used as a strong foundation to prepare the hair for chemical services.

“Redken was the first professional manufacturer to use protein and moisture to balance the pH of hair to dramatically improve its health,” explains Patricia Engle, Director of US Marketing Haircare for Redken. “This revolutionary breakthrough is the foundation of Redken Chemistry and what gives these products the power to produce lasting results for consumers.”
Redken Chemistry helps treat distressed hair as a result of chemical and/or mechanical processes. Chemical distress is caused by the overuse of chemical services such as haircolor, perming, or straightening. Mechanical distress is caused by normal wear and tear from blow-drying, thermal irons, and everyday brushing. Distressed hair results in dry, brittle, frizzy, damaged, weak, sensitized, faded, and/or dull hair.

“We all have hair issues, no matter what age, gender, or length of hair. Redken Chemistry is the biggest hair breakthrough I’ve seen in my 22 year career to address the specialized needs of clients,” explains David Stanko, Haircolor Consultant for Redken. “Redken Chemistry provides protein and moisture to repair, strengthen, and smooth the hair from the inside out; and the Shot Phix locks in the specialized ingredients for lasting results.”

The two-step in-salon service works in conjunction with the Redken Haircare Line, delivering simple solutions for specific problems. Every salon service should start with a Redken Chemistry treatment to prepare the hair for color services and repair hair from environmental or mechanical abuse:

Shot Phase: Specialized ingredients compensate for missing components in the hair. Every shot contains a more concentrated dose of some of the same nourishing ingredients found in the corresponding take-home haircare regimes. Redken Chemistry is designed to work on consumers’ specific hair needs, so stylists can customize Redken Chemistry formulas for clients to solve multiple needs at once. Redken Chemistry offers six Shot Phase formulas to address common hair needs including strength, moisture, color, protection, softness and frizz control:

Extreme Shot Phase deep treatment for weakened, distressed hair.
Color Extend Shot Phase deep treatment for color-treated hair.
NEW! Clear Moisture Shot Phase deep treatment for normal to dry hair.
All Soft Shot Phase deep treatment for dry, brittle hair.
Smooth Down Shot Phase deep treatment for very dry, unruly hair.
Real Control Shot Phase deep treatment for dense, dry, sensitized hair.

Shot Phix: Acidic spray-on lotion formulated with Redken’s Interbond Conditioning System to lock-in the specialized ingredients contained in Shot Phase, rebalance the pH level of the hair, and seal the cuticle to leave hair in its most compact, healthy condition. Stylists select the appropriate Shot Phix based on the type of distress experienced by the hair:
3.5 for chemically treated hair.
5.5 for slightly distressed and mechanically distressed hair.

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