Monday, January 5, 2009

AE - A Pleasure Doing Business

A much needed update is in order and I apologize for not getting it out sooner!

Many of you commiserated with me when I told of our unfortunate incident at the American Eagle store here in Mandeville, LA a few months back. Interestingly, I see someone has commented anonymously to that post just yesterday from what appears to be a personal point-of-view. Although I generally hate to disappoint my commenters, there is a happy ending to this story.

I am delightfully pleased to report that American Eagle does take service to their customers very seriously. Those of you who follow FTLOB will remember there wasn't much attention given at the local level when I reported a rude sales manager. Corporate and regional management, however, did take notice. I was contacted by both departments, and I have to give them tons of kudos as I was lax in replying to their attempts to receive more information. We did finally speak and my children and I received an apology on behalf of the company as well as a gift card to enjoy during the holidays.

I have to admit I am very appreciative American Eagle took the issue so seriously and made as many attempts as they did to gain information and rectify the situation. I really feel like it is important for companies to know how they are being represented to the public, and it's nice to see that when that representation goes sour, someone takes notice and something is done about it. I've been back in the store several times since the incident and have received pleasant and friendly service each time. Furthermore, the regional manager was kind enough to give me her cell phone number and encouraged me to contact her at any time with good or bad customer service issues. I assure you, I will!

So to the commenter - was this a good example for my children? Darn tootin'! : )
I don't want my children to feel like they have to sit back and be treated disrespectfully, especially when they're paying for a service or goods. I also wanted them to see that this kind of behavior is not taken lightly from a management perspective, and thankfully American Eagle rose to the occasion. Many thanks to AE for wanting their customers to enjoy a quality, positive, pleasurable experience in their stores and for taking to heart the concerns of this one little customer. Looking forward to many future visits!

For those who haven't tried their gorgeous new fragrance we talked about earlier - the Aerie Fragrance - what are you waiting for? : ) It's lovely, light and universal in appeal. Visit their online store for more information or stop in and test it for yourself. Aerie fragrance retails for $39.50 a 1.7 oz beautifully decorated bottle.

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