Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Tokyo Milk: Parfums with Whimsy

Tokyo Milk Parfumarie Curiosite - these fun, flirty fragrances are destined to become collector's items. beautifully packaged in vintage perfume bottles with a typewritten label, totally unique and completely adorable.

So intriguing, these are fragrances begging to be experienced. The names are as exquisite as the fragrance combinations and blends. Consider these, all crushed and distilled to perfection.

Paper and Cotton parfum 17 - Coriander, white sage, birch wood and tundra moss
Poe's Tobacco Parfum 01 - Tobac, tea leaves, amberwood and autumn apple
Waltz Parfum 14 - Linden, honeyed rose, wisteria petals and white musk
Honey and the Moon Parfum 10 - Sweet honey, sugared violet, jasmine and sandalwood
French Kiss Parfum 15 - Mandarin, tuberose, gardenia and vetiver
Cherry Bomb Parfum 05 - Wild rose, osmanthus, chocolate and vetiver
Gin and Rosewater Parfum 12 - Citrus zest, rosewood, mimosa and mandarin
Contemplation Parfum 07 - Herbs, exotic teak, crisp citrus and cedarwood

These are but only a few of the parfums offered in the line. Tokyo Milk has a lovely range of lip balms in their Bon Bon Lip Balms, which leave a hint of sugarly sweetness on the lips and are highly moisturizing. The range also includes Perfumed Soaps delicately fragrances with exotic woods, white vetiver, rosewood, white linden and more leaving skin soft and lightly scented. These are very reasonably priced luxury products, with the fragrances retailing for $28 per one ounce bottle, lip balms retailing for $12 per .22 oz jar, and the soaps retailing for $12 per eight ounces.

Tokyo Milk's complete line of products are available at Beautyhabit and through their online store at Amazon Beauty.

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  1. Cherry Bomb is my scent. I absolutely love it with all my heart, especially for the osmanthus, or sweet olive flower, a tree that grows in great abundance here in New Orleans and reminds me of my childhood!

    My only beef is that the scent doesn't linger very long and doesn't really "change" as it fades, other than to leave a very slight sweet scent. Must be the chocolate.

    Upside -- it's very affordable at $30 a bottle where I live, so I don't mind using it up fast and buying another bottle.


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