Monday, June 8, 2009

For the Love of ... bathing

L-R: soap, lotion, scrub, milk bath

Great name for a beauty brand, don't ya think? No, no ... it's not mine.

For the Love of ... is, however, an organic luxury bath and body product company located in Washington DC. The products are organic, mainly vegan and handcrafted by Kristina Libby. Kristina has an interesting story in that she left the corporate world to devote herself to her passion of creating organic beauty products for men and women. Recently featured in Daily Candy, the company is taking off big!

The company has a triple bottom line mission. Their goal is to make a great product and service while also having minimal environmental impact and an aggressive social mission. Libby says all their products contain only organic ingredients and meet the standards for organic certification. The products are also all packaged in recycled and reusable containers. Even their labels are created using a mass printing process which ensures minimal environmental waste.

They have taken the company a step further in this commitment and donate 5% of profits to charitable causes. The corporate goal is that by the year 2011, they will be able to donate 10% of revenue to causes of their choice. The causes are chosen because they do one of three things—they support women in micro-credit operations, they support women in the arts or they support community farming.

The product line features:

Homemade Soaps - When you’re seeking a quiet reprieve from a stressful day, turn to their Almond Goatsmilk Soap, a nourishing rich lather whose products hail from an organic farm in Vassleboro, Maine. Wild, fresh and fancy-free. For a more sensuous scent option, choose their Black Amber Honey soap. ($8.00 each)

Body Lotion - Slather on their nourishing organic body lotion. Lightly scented with blueberries and oranges, the lotion conjures up memories of your favorite summer-time retreats. The lotion is an incredibly moist product with a density much like your average cold cream. ($30)

Body Scrubs - Savor the sweet smell of their bestselling body scrubs. All of the scrubs use an organic olive oil, ground oatmeal and brown sugar base, ensuring that they are non-irritating on even the most sensitive skin. Scents: Summer Orange Blossom and Vanilla Almond ($20 each)

Milk Baths - Soothe your skin with a luxurious combination of almond flower, creamy white rose and nourishing oatmeal. This mixture is perfect for those suffering from dry, itchy skin. Pour a generous handful under warm running water. Sit back, relax and enjoy. After all, you deserve it. ($20)

For more information, please visit For the Love of ....

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