Thursday, June 18, 2009

REVIEW: h2pro 300 Special Edition Flat Iron

Heating up to 450°F in a matter of seconds, h2pro's 300 Special Edition beats out higher priced flat irons, transforming into a smart beauty pick in today's economy at $160. The 300 Special Edition is guaranteed to bring that much more power, shine, and frizz free styling, while removing bacteria and pollutants from the hair. What a novel idea.

The concept behind this edition of the h2pro line is to bring MORE of everything to the flat iron. A ceramic iron, it brings more smoothness, more sleekness, better frizz control and more power. It heats in seconds, is easy to use and leaves hair shiny and smooth with little effort.

Featuring Nano Hi-Tech Technology, the 300 Special Edition incorporates h2pro's advanced combination of three distinct Nano technologies: Nano Ti + Nano TiO + Nano Ag. This powerful trio instantly creates unmatched styling capabilities and health benefits, leaving your hair healthier, shiner, and more vibrant.

The advanced self adjusting plates equal more smoothness and sleekness from a styling tool like never before.
  • Nano Titanium (Ti) = enhances the ionic effect, allowing hair to absorb more moisture for superior conditioning and shine
  • Nano Titanium Oxide (TiO) = removes chemical pollutants and toxins from daily exposure
  • Nano Silver (Ag) = removes harmful or damaging bacteria from the hair

Here's my co-worker, Toni, who decided to take this for a trial run! She was surprised at how easy and effortlessly this iron worked for her, and how quickly it gave her sleek, shiny results. She says it only took minutes to straighten and get the look she wanted. All of us here can atest to how shiny her hair is even though it's not fully reflected in the photos ... she's so purty! Thanks, Toni! x

The h2pro SE 300 comes in black and pink and retails for $160 at h2pro USA. For additional information and purchasing visit


  1. Oooh. I keep going back and forth on whether or not to try straightening my hair. Those pictures make me want to try it again now.

  2. Hi Maria,

    It's a great tool! All of us in the office have been ooo'ing and ahhh'ing over Toni's hair. The biggest advantage is the time you save as styling is so quick with it.


  3. I appreciate it very much, at least I know from it someone is reading the contents I have here.

  4. I have read some of your articles !Very good .

  5. I have read some of your articles !Very good .


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